INDEX - DATA and CHART - Last week of DEC was great for INDEX.

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Good evening to everyone . 10 days ago I made a post about INDEX showing what it holds and how much the tokens are worth .

It has been 10 days and let us see the changes that has taken place.

Official website of INDEX -

Data Source for the following charts - HiveSQL .






We can see that there are some huge changes within INDEX when it comes to holdings of token -

  • LEO has overtaken SIM to occupy 2nd place ( obvious because of the rise in value )
  • STEM has overtaken BEE .
  • BRO has overtaken SPI and PAL .

Note : There are three other tokens within INDEX - SPORTS , CTP , STARBITS which hasn't been represented here since the sum of all these tokens gives less than 0.1% holdings . Once it goes beyond 1% I will include it in the graph - Here is the table as of 2nd JAN


The last column represents % of holdings which as you can see right now is minuscule .

TOKEN VALUE in $ ( 23rd DEC vs 1st JAN )

This is where you can see the real value of INDEX , this is why I hold INDEX and buy INDEX .





Pay keen attention here , do you note something ? All the tokens has increased in terms of $ value and that means INDEX continues to grow .I will make a separate post on ** What is the real value of INDEX** soon .

On 23rd DEC when I posted the first DATA report - total value of INDEX tokens in $ was around 4400$ , now it is around 5300 $ . Even though 1 token within INDEX drops in value other makes up for it , that is why I love INDEX.

TYPES OF TOKENS ( 23rd Dec 2020 vs 1st JAN )

This hasn't changed from last week . The number of tokens and types of tokens has remained same.

INDEX not only holds native tokens like LEO , STEM but also holds gaming tokens like DEC , SIM and along with it, it also has Dividend yielding tokens like SPI , BRO too . So if you are lazy to find out which gaming token is best to invest , you can just buy INDEX since it holds all types of tokens . Diversification at its best.


Right now , the number of Native tokens is bigger than Dividend yielding tokens and Gaming tokens.

Note: By dividend yielding token , I mean those tokens which in turn invests in other tokens to give you dividends daily , weekly or monthly

TOP 25 HOLDERS of INDEX (23rd DEC vs 1st JAN )



1st JAN


The remaining 19 - , @taskmaster4450 , @elianaicgomes , @tandara , @brofundholdings , @fbslo , @myvest , @shmoogleosukami , @silverstackeruk , @blue.rabbit , @dera123 , @hirohurl , @marfonso , @deepresearch , @russellstockley , @srmallara , @curtawakening , @niallon11 , @shanibeer continue to be in top 25 but there are major shifts in their positions .
I will include another table next time to show positional shift .

I hope you got some insight into INDEX token because of this post . None of this is financial advice of any sort . If you want to invest , please DO YOUR OWN RESEARCH .

I will post about @lbi-token in the next post :) Till then you can read my last post about @lbi-token here -
Regards ,

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Impressive growth and seems that the investment funds on Hive have lift off. Great to see people pulling together and working as one. And probably a prosperous year lays ahead.

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You are right.. SPI,BRO,INDEX,EDS,LBI. All are doing great .

The fact that some of these are interconnected is great too , one makes profit all other benefits from it.

Oh neat! Yeah index looks to be a really good investment, especially given all the great things I'm hearing from the various tokens it holds.

Also the daily rewards are going to be nice bonus that grows over time. I'm certainly going to buy more each day.

Would you like a report about dividends paid out ( of all tokens ) by Index?

That's be pretty neat yeah, currently there is not really info on those other than the pending rewards page on the website.

Cool , I will extract it soon and post about it .

Nice breakdown and charts. Hope to see Index include alot more Sportstoken in the future ;)

I hope so too and I guess they will.