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A very good evening to everyone . This post will be about INDEX token , what it holds , how much does it hold and some charts to explain it ( I love charts ).


What is INDEX in simpler words?

First of its kind on HIVE blockchain , INDEX is a token which holds various Hive-Engine tokens within it . So in simple words if you buy INDEX , the INDEX team gets HIVE and they will use that to buy the top performing tokens and you get returns .

How much will I get back ?

Payouts are as follows:
1. 80% of all rewards (mining and curation) are paid to INDEX holders based on the percentage of total tokens they hold
2. 10% is used to purchase miners of tokens represented in the INDEX
3. 10% is used for admin fee's
Rewards are paid out automatically once a day.

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This is just a brief overview as this post is meant for tokens inside INDEX rather than INDEX itself. If you want to know fully about INDEX , please go here - .

INDEX HOLDINGS ( 23rd Dec 2020 )

Index currently holds 13 tokens within it . So if you buy INDEX , it is just like having a share in all the tokens it holds .



NOTE: I haven't added SPORTS , CTP and STARBITS which are also a part of INDEX . It is recently added and the share is minuscule right now with just 0.007 % , 0.007 % and 0.002 % respectively . I will add it in next weeks post

TOKEN VALUES ( 23rd Dec 2020 )

This gives you a picture of how much each token within INDEX is worth in USD.


This clearly shows all 13 TOKENS worth in USD , highest right now is DEC with 1854$ and lowest is STARBITS with 0.08$ ( since it is recently added ). This is what is inside INDEX .

Note: The value is in USD

TYPES OF TOKENS ( 23rd Dec 2020 )

INDEX not only holds native tokens like LEO , STEM but also holds gaming tokens like DEC , SIM and along with it, it also has Dividend yielding tokens like SPI , BRO too . So if you are lazy to find out which gaming token is best to invest , you can just buy INDEX since it holds all types of tokens . Diversification at its best.


Right now , the number of Native tokens is bigger than Dividend yielding tokens and Gaming tokens.

Note: By dividend yielding token , I mean those tokens which in turn invests in other tokens to give you dividends daily , weekly or monthly*

RICHLIST ( 23rd Dec 2020 )

These are the top 25 holders of INDEX right now .



  1. All the above data is extracted on 23-12-2020 , so if you visit on 24th or later then the data might have been changes to certain extent .
  2. I am not a part of INDEX team . I just like the project and would love to share what I know about INDEX with others .
  3. Do your own research before investing , this post isn't meant to be a financial advice .
  4. If there are any mistakes in the charts/ data I apologize and will correct them in future.

Tagging @jongolson to check if all the data presented is accurate.

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Does index token consider holding some LBI or SOL?

I hope so. If it is top performing with good volume , I don't see why not .

@jongolson is the suitable person to answer this.

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Eventually, we hope to index the entire market. Or at least the tokens with sustained volume.

Great. I would love to see @lbi-token added but there is no point in rushing. I can wait ;)

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please take in consideration the possibility of doing buyback of the tokens. so basically a token holder can liquidate their tokens based in their % of the holding