Not happy with a shitcoin? Behold, another shitcoin appears "

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For those who didn't like the idea of ​​a shitcoin gaining value without even having value, for being a meme, here comes a new shitcoin competing with Dogecoin, Shiba Inu values ​​146% after listing by Binance.


The latest cryptocurrency Shiba Inu begins to succeed only in laughter and arrived at the brokerage Binance. The copy of DOGE gained almost 1,000% shortly after Binance announced that it is making room for SHIB, despite Vitalik Buterin owning 50% of the supply. And what it looks like is that part of Shiba Inu's perceived value stems from the notion that Buterin's tokens will remain untouched.

The jump comes after the 31.1% drop in competing currency, Dogecoin. The SHIB token went from a valuation of $ 0.000003 to $ 0.000032 - an increase of 966%, which has added more than 2,300,000% growth since the beginning of the year.

The what would the Shib Inu coin be?

SHIB, is an experiment in building a decentralized community and another meme coin similar to Dogecoin.

Although both are competitors, they also do not have many foundations to support the valuations. Perhaps the idea of ​​digital assets itself is to answer a simple question: what would happen if a cryptocurrency project were 100% executed by your community?

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Its a fascinating jump of 966% in the coin prices. I would like to see SHIB becoming popular in some more time as Etherum co-founder owns the 50% of this stake.

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I have my doubts, but who knows, right? In the world of cryptos anything can happen!

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I do think not have "

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Maybe they'll add shib to a faucet, but for now nothing.

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