Cub Finance is here!!! Let's make some crypto on Defi!!

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The cub token is live and now is the chance to make some money in defi by staking your leo holdings.


You can visit and start earning!


I have already bought and staked 2 cub tokens and the earnings are coming!!!

The only thing you need is a metamask wallet and some bnb coins to get started, so why not!


@andyblack, I staked all of my tokens from the AirDrop. If the price of the token drops I will buy some more and stake it.

That's a wise choice!!!

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It doesn't seem as painful as it looked a couple of days ago. I'm hoping to look into getting setup with Binance and see if I can make it through. If not (due to being a US citizen) we can at least appreciate the spirit behind the airdrop and wish everyone endless gains. Cheers! :)

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Yeah, it's pretty easy!

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still trying to connect my wallets and deposit but looks exciting

It sure looks exciting!

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It's a great site and really easy to use. I have all mine staked too.

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Yeah, it's amazing!

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