LEO Is Nice Alt Investment? Worth 2 HIVE Today

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Altcoins are considered an alternative investment for users who are no longer able to buy Bitcoin. But these altcoins are also mostly considered "shitcoins" because they often move to bring disappointment.

Indeed, there are always new hopes and opportunities in the world of crypto. But the hope for altcoins seems very low, at least for now. Some altcoins, follow the upward movement of Bitcoin, such as ETH.

Meanwhile, the HIVE has not shown any signs.

What Are the Alternative Investments Apart from HIVE?

Okay, here I am directly talking about HIVE users who want to find other investment alternatives.

For example, as I feel, I have 2K HIVE, and I want to buy another asset that has a maximum possible return compared to if I only HOLD HIVE in my wallet.

A few days ago I decided to buy LEO for under 2 HIVE. My order is only filled with a few hundred HIVE because currently, the LEO price is already at 2 HIVE. Incredible!

Market History

Even if I sell the LEO that I bought before, I will get a decent profit.


LEO Is Not Just About Investing

It seems that for now, LEO is superior because it offers layered features that are not just for us to invest in. We can benefit from creating content, curating, or simply HODL as pure investors.

LEO is more powerful than HIVE, and what's interesting is that users still have the opportunity to get HIVE when writing content on the LEO FINANCE platform.

What do you think about LEO today? Will LEO continue to skyrocket beyond HIVE 2?


Is this still the right time to buy LEO?

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New ATH ?😀

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I certainly see LEO going strong for the foreseeable future. The only other 2nd layer token I hold in larger quantities on Hive is SPT and that one is highly speculative because it has no use yet but should be integrated with Splinterlands soonish...

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SPT is great too since long time. :)

LEO actually has a good prospect considering the way the platform operates. If not mistaken, I got to know the total supply of the coin is 1B LEO and the circulating supply is far less than that, about 4M LEO. With the burning strategies put in place, it's quite glaring the token will skyrocket in the future just like SBD & Steem from steemit but ain't sure it's gonna crash like it.

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When LEO is more valuable than HIVE,
I shrugged to buy LEO with HIVE.
Now, Leo price is increasing about 2× HIVE. I seem that I was wrong what I didn't buy Leo last week.

When BTC price was low down, HIVE price was also low down. But, when BTC is flying on the top, HIVE is still low down.

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Leo has huge potential and all of that is thanks to its team above everything and then us a community. If i could sell today all of my Leo earnings i could gain about 300$ which in my country is a part time salary monthly wage! i will still hold though as i believe in it!

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