The Things You May Have Missed As Content Creators While Hive Pumping

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The pumping of the price of a token/coin creates a lot of interesting discussions. From the increase in the price of a token from a particular project, we also learn a lot about experiences that we have never gone through before.

In recent days we can see a positive movement of HIVE, even pumping more than 60 percent. From this increase, we feel the difference in the positive vibrations on this blockchain.

The increase in the value of the vote makes users even more enthusiastic. Including me.

HIVE Price 16 Feb 2021.png
HIVE price Feb 16

The pumping price of HIVE has also created rumors among users, among them, there are not enough holding tokens when they have a source that can be used to buy HIVE before HIVE experiences pumping.

When HIVE has experienced pumping, only then will many realize that as long as there are things that are overlooked as creator content.

Let's discuss it, and hopefully, you and I are still among the lucky users to experience the Hive pumping moment and take profit from there.

Failing to Think Positive About HIVE and Underestimating HIVE

For traders who feel they have lost a lot of money since last year's ATH HIVE, maybe they deserve to feel desperate about HIVE. But what about users who are only 100 percent creator content?

HIVE's underestimation is the basis or the beginning of a lot of "evil" that makes users fail to maximize the existing rewards.

Once you have a negative outlook on something you are working on, it will have a big impact on your performance. How will you succeed at something if you always underestimate what you do?

The funny thing is that when HIVE gets pumping, they will be happy and start creating content again on HIVE. But in my opinion, it was too late. Users like this will miss the moment. If in the days before HIVE pumping they still thought positively and created content, then they can be sure they will be able to get big profits when HIVE is experiencing pumping like today.

So, of course, this is an important lesson, if later the cycle of HIVE movement starts from low again, don't underestimate HIVE and keep creating content is the best thing to make you don't lose the moment when HIVE goes to the moon again and reaches its ATH again.

Doesn't Maximize Posting Content

Really, the most detrimental thing you miss on the HIVE blockchain is that users don't maximize the opportunity to post content.

Currently, there are a lot of curation projects that are looking for good content to curate. Call them, OCD, Curangel, Curie, Minnowsupport, and even any of the other big whales who are ready to be your lucky voter.

Perhaps the price of HIVE which has not shown a good phase will make many users lazy to create content. When else will users be prepared to save a lot of HIVE Tokens before HIVE pumping? As content creators, we should capture rewards every day even though the price of HIVE is still low because let just says that it was still a saving phase.

So if as a content creator you are not maximizing your opportunity to earn rewards, then for sure, you are miss out on the opportunity to experience the HIVE pumping.

Those were some interesting things about attitudes that usually make users fail to capture the moment when HIVE pumping occurs.

So as content creators, we should never miss this valuable opportunity.

Vote Value 16 FEB 2021.png
My content on HIVE.

I love creating content on HIVE and even that goes beyond the fun of creating content on YOUTUBE. Without doubt.

How about you? Ready to go to the moon with HIVE?

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My last round buy order got filled, and it's value almost doubled in the next 12 hours.
Can I ask for more?

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Whoaaa superb! If I have more resources, I buy more too. Now is the time, I think :)

Hive is pretty awesome! It is great to see how much it has grow since the hardfork happened. I don't think a lot of people realized it would become this successful. I still miss Tasteem and I wish they had moved over to Hive. That was a great project.

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Hive is awesome. Indeed. Still, many traders in Indonesia just be a trader for Hive and they don't realize how powerful Hive for content creator :)

Anyway, you can submit your food-related content to Foodies Bee Hive Community. I am a curator there and currently, OCD support this community. Waiting for your foodstuff :)

Awesome, okay, I think I have posted there a couple of times, but I always kind of forget about it. I always forget too that some people just trade the Hive token and they don't actually produce content. That seems like a huge loss to me!

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I have constantly built with hive and tried my best to stake up hive power, I believe in Hive as a long-term project and it's always good to have favourable prices.

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I hope HIVE will have a stable price so it will be more happier things :)

during the bear season, most of the content creator went off because they might think that making a content on blockchain just a waste of time.
while some other are might be just don't have the skill to make a good content. just like me. hahah

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Just need time to get used :)

do you have discord? or anything to connect, want to ask and learn alot from you. : )


hive is so underrated right now. I think it deserves to worth at least 1$

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Indeed! ATH HIVE last year is about above $1 we are waiting for it

Hive is a place which need time to settle, when you join its not always from day one You will get good rewards. And yes price is also a moving factor. When price is up everyday talks about it but the loyal and believer in project don't leave when the price is down.
Other thing is when you stop posting that means you and broken the chain and link with others which may take time again to built when you will be back...
Thanks for sharing...

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