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You are 100% correct.

That’s why I started working on the Crypto Class Action 3 years ago - Regulators wouldn’t do anything because they didn’t understand what Facebook was up to or crypto at all.

Now my case is ahead of similar cases now being brought by regulators.

The entire online advertising industry is a series of interlinked cartels with Facebook and Google in the center.

It will all be brought crashing down, but so much damage is being done while these cases work slowly through the Courts.

Google had a big Court loss recently in Australia on privacy and there are more beatings to come.


That is how you take down the establishment.

It is more the proverbial "death from a thousand paper cuts". You arent going to slay things that big head on. But over time, on slice upon another upon another starts to add up.

As word starts spreading, things will change. That is why it is so important that we have an alternative out there for people.

We need to just keep building.

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