Additional Earning Streams Through Hive Engine Tokens

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Blog To Earn?

For the longest time, us here on Hive have this mentality that blogging/content creation is the way to earn. I mean, that was me at least. For the most part, most of my earnings here on the blockchain are still mainly from content creation.

No doubt, I was able to slowly but surely build my account just from post and curation rewards (really thankful to the community for that!). I still have to work hard towards my 10K HP goal this year though. Nine months to go and I am halfway through my goal, so I really am positive that I'll surpass the year-end goal.

Multiple Income Streams

"The Seventh Cure To A Lean Purse: Increase Thy Ability To Earn" [The Richest Man In Babylon]

Leo Finance

It was late last year when I realized the high earning potential through second-layer tokens. Until the later part of 2020, I was oblivious to the Leo Finance community. I thought it was only for "crypto-enthusiasts", and that I won't really fit in. Hmm, I am still trying to find my way within the community, but I am now trying to increase my slowly LP so that even if I won't do well in content creation, I can still earn through curation. Of course, that is on top of the Hive earnings!

Creating posts and curation don't actually fall under passive, but through Hive Power delegation to @leo.voter, you can get returns in terms of LEO tokens. No sweat. Delegate HP, get LEO. 🦁

LBI - LeoBacked Investment (LBI)

The goal is to provide a community based and ran investment vehicle focused primarily on the LeoFinance community and LEO token. We will provide a weekly LEO dividend payment to all token holders whilst also increasing the value of the LBI token slowly but consistently over the long term by only investing into things that will stand the test of time.
What is LeoBacked Investments? - @lbi-token

Again, I missed out on SPI and I made sure I didn't miss out on LBI. What could be more easier than let the experts handle the income growth and enjoy the dividends from your investment?

Project Utopis

I have only recently found out about Utopis, thanks to @amr008, who had kindly shared about his dividend payouts from Utopis which were honestly enticing. I then checked the project out and jumped in. Now I am happily earning dividends (in Hive tokens) weekly just by holding Utopis in my HE wallet.

If you are interested in Utopis (and I honestly think you should be), read up their whitepaper here:

Project Utopis Whitepaper


Whew! This one is one of my recent "investments" in Hive Engine. No, come to think of it, I am actually earning BRO tokens just by delegating HE tokens that I barely use for curation, which I obviously earned through content creation.

How cool can that be?! Right now, you can delegate CTP, LEO, STEM, NEOXAG, HIVE, LOTUS, PAL, CCC, WEED to the BRO-FI pool, and based on your delegated amount, you get BRO tokens in return.

I missed out on BRO, but now I have the opportunity to earn this gem token. I am stoked!

What's best about this, is that your BRO holdings also earns you several HE tokens simply by just that - hold BRO tokens in your Hive Engine wallet!

BRO-FI is fairly new and they are still in the "testing phase". I don't think they have officially announced the project, but juicy info can be found from this post: BRO-FI - I've not announced it yet because we're still testing it.

Lots of Earning Streams Through Hive

The above are but some of the promising projects based on available to us, Hive users. There are a lot more out there that I have not touched. My holdings here are not yet worth thousands of dollars, but I am happy to see them grow as days go by.

Some can be earned simply by using their tags, or like the Engage token, we can earn through quality engagement on the chain. Earning on Hive is no longer restricted to just content creation, and as our community matures we will definitely see a lot more interesting projects to come soon.

We are barely scratching the surface here.

How about you? What tokens are working for you right now?

Let's go for it!

❤️ Arlyn

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I use Mpath to increase my author rewards, while it also gives weekly dividends.

Dhedge is like BRO, except that it has 3 times more tokens it gives dividends in.

Dcity, risingstar and splinterlands should also be mentioned, where dcity has real good income. Risingstar slowly builds momentum and splinterlands currently is still mostly fun, but a lot more rewarding than the average btc faucet.

I am also delegating to @thisisawesome and @ctpsb. Both projects from the ctp community that payout really good delegation rewards.

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Very interesting about Dhedge and BRO, I need to look more into them.


If you want to invest in dhedge then check out the discord channel first Look for the dhedge tmps #holders chat

Best price for dhedge is usually not on the market but when you send certain tokens like archon to @discohedge. It is then swapped automatically for dhedge

Thanks a lot Elmer, checking it out.

Buy me

I will, just reading up a bit right now.


Because this is such an awesome post, here is a BBH Tip for you. . Keep up the fantastic work

Because this is such an awesome post, here is a BBH Tip for you. . Keep up the fantastic work

Hey thanks for the mention :) I am glad you found my post helpful and bought some . UTOPIS is a great project for sure.

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Thanks! I honestly wouldn't know about Utopis if you had not mentioned it at Noise and if I didn't see your post. :)

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No worries :) If you ever need any help or info that I know of , just tag me and I will reply . Have a good day ahead .

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The ones you mentioned are all good projects, I must start trying BRO-FI
Thanks and !BEER :)

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Bro-Fi is good!

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Hey @arrliinn, here is a little bit of BEER from @libertycrypto27 for you. Enjoy it!

Learn how to earn FREE BEER each day by staking your BEER.

Hi friend @arrliinn hey, thanks for sharing this valuable information, I know there are many ways to win in Hive, but as I am very new I still do not know them all, but I know that thanks to Leo and CTP you can win, but this information about the utopis project is super, sometimes it is difficult to get this kind of information that helps us to grow more on the platform, but thank you very much for being so kind and share it with us. Blessings!