Lets appreciate @taskmaster4450le for his Leo comment challenge 👏



Hi everyone!
I just want to appreciate @taskmaster4450le for his contribution in leo community for comments challenge.
Leofinance needs more engagement and more engagement means more people here. If an author writes a good post but is not appreciated, he will end up leaving this community.
Any kind word or a suggestion or a question is what an author is looking for. It keeps him motivated to post more good content.
Why is Leofinance proved to be a valuable community in 2 years. The reason is simple. People here are engaging. Almost all posts have someone commenting his suggestion etc.

The second reason is the reward. I personally vote people’s comments so that they comment more. The same is the case with some other users. They also vote good comments. Voting a comment motivates the reader to engage more. Vote is also a little appreciation of what a person took his time and commented his thoughts.

The leo community is also heading towards more and more user base so in order to engage more, you have to post more and good content.
This is the way we all will make Leo a successful community.

So what do you think a comment can do for the author?
Just comment down your thoughts and I might appreciate you with little rewards.
Cheers 🥳🥳🥳

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The servant whose power is low is not even given a vote nor is he encouraged so he leaves