My CUBS are still showing in my wallet! Can I claim them now?

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Hello Everyone!
I just want to ask that I have lost cubs from hiveengine but I can still see them in my wallet.
Do I still own them?
If so How can I claim them now?

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Unfortunately the window is closed. CUB is now on BinanceSmartChain and you can buy them using . The Hive-Engine tokens are depreciated and just a fun memento of the launch. Follow the setup instructions carefully, configure your metamask and then you can participate.


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I have one or two of those CUB bits left.

Thanks for your comment.

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You can put CUB in the Den, and earn 0.44% per day, approximately. It has been an interesting experiment.

I should have to buy new cubs?

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The CUBs on Hive-Engine were only a temporary airdrop ticket, to claim CUBs on Binance. I only recieved 1 CUB in the drop, so instead I pooled tokens and started farming on