Bitcoin Experiment: Financial Freedom with Faucets?! Week 32

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Now to the stats

The idea is to only use my time, freebies and interest services to grow a balance that is self-sustaining and allows me to life in a low-cost country. Is this even possible? We'll see...

Screenshot from 20210221 073613.png

Days Running: 222

Passive Mining

Guide: Free Passive Mining at BetFury

Financial Independence: NO

Money Makers this Week

Do you know any freebies or very good paying faucets? Happy to get some help here 😘

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Hey, I would love to follow your journey and get in myself but your article is not entirely clear to me.

hey, what's not clear?

I am sorry, I might have jumped the gun too quickly. I think I would need to start from your week 1 to get the whole gist. Then maybe when I finally arrive at week 32, it will all make sense

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