Bitcoin Experiment: Financial Freedom with Faucets?! Week 33

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BetFury have added BNB!

And please make sure to Follow Me on the Social Medias :)

Now to the stats

The idea is to only use my time, freebies and interest services to grow a balance that is self-sustaining and allows me to life in a low-cost country. Is this even possible? We'll see...


Days Running: 229

Passive Mining

Guide: Free Passive Mining at BetFury

Financial Independence: NO

Money Makers this Week

Do you know any freebies or very good paying faucets? Happy to get some help here 😘

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Did you know you get parts of the box rewards from referrals?


You should have some from me. I buy all the boxes :D. Big ETH one landing in 5 days.

yeah that's cool! what I don't like is that they're reducing the faucet payouts even more now...

There are a few things that make me upset actually: They are diluting the BTC(BFG) Reward Pool by making ETH and BNB mine BFG(BTC) as well. Also I had a run in with Customer Support, where someone with no proper English was calling me a liar. Since then I record all my sessions...

oof. that's definitely not good. :(

Hello @ash

Timely and very interesting question "Financial freedom with faucets?" achieving Financial independence is a complex thing to achieve, however it is never too late to try these mechanisms.

Yours, Piotr


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