RE: Project Blank needs to be better than D.Buzz and Noise.Cash

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Thanks for sharing @beehiver

A couple of points re @dbuzz

The 280 character limit is to align with Twitters character count. You're right about the pictures being included in that limit, which is a bit of a pain. You can shorten the links though with or or many others.

Re. the max 1 HBD payout, that is just the default max. payout. You can change that up or down. It's good to asses the quality of your Buzz before increasing the 1 HBD limit though, as per the pop up message you get if you do try to change it.

I do like the ability to micro-blog on Hive using #DBuzz, and find @chrisrice to be very supportive both with any DBuzz issues and other questions i have too.

So, although i will for sure be using #projectblank, i'm pretty sure i"ll continue to use D.Buzz (especially as i am now a HLIX HODL'r (HLIX being token of Helix, parent co. of DBuzz