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RE: Leofinance Is About To Break The 7-Day Reward Cycle!

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very interesting. yeah that 7 day window is really a killer from the perspective of making music and videos. It pretty much makes creating anything high quality a fools errand because you can't really hope to be compensated for a few weeks/months worth of work in a 7 day vote window. there's just no time to gain traction. I think it seriously affects the quality and type of content on this platform, audio/video media even more than written...

from that perspective it would also be cool if you could vote multiple times on the same content over the long term. that opens up the system to more abuse i guess but I listen to the same artist over and over. I rarely read an article more than once or twice. hopefully the media platforms and Hive itself will take notice... (no doubt they will, LEO is bringing lots of innovation here i think)


That's a really interesting point, haven't really though about that yet!
Maybe you want to make a dedicated article on that and share some ideas? I'd love to hear them!

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That's a good idea. I usually leave musing about token reward mechanics to the more game theory minded, all that stuff about reward curves and stuff makes my head spin, but I guess it wouldn't be a bad idea to actually think it through myself and see where the muse leads... I'll give it a go, might take a little bit to put it together though, I'll keep you posted.