Good Cop - Bad Cop, Both Cops

Moving into a new world of decentralized finance should only mean one thing, less jobs for the policemen.
Where there's no more bodies set out to manage money, No Centralization of funds, No prohibition to a money farial system, where finance is self tracked by individuals according to fund ownership thereby owning to assets security, then policemen would be amongst the first five to lose their job that's not even worth shit. Is your dad/mom a cop? Everything that occurs in this space of the earth always slings in two directions, the merits and the demerits. Although This May seem like a bad thing, don't judge just yet. Money is a prime factor in the world, it is neither odd or even and that's why there is limited supply. You know in school I honestly never and still never loved prime numbers, they are so weird and so hard to determine. Money plays the same role in the world, but in this case, one thing must be prone to the other.

The Life Of Crime…

  • Situations leads to crime

Nobody wants to be addressed as a criminal in society, everybody wants to live in mansions, a comfortable life with no worries, a bed of roses and not turmoil life till meeting a deathbed. Well, here comes a chance "crypto" but working towards achieving that luxurious life is prime, just like wealth. With crypto birthing the blockchain and deploying the DeFi, there's a keen Chance for money manipulations, creation of wealth where there was none, reduction of unattained money short in the system and release of duty officials, goodbye law, goodbye cop, goodbye Centralization, goodbye Censorship.

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A Friend and A Foe, Similarities? - Both Humans

The police is your friend, well just until he finds out about your internet money. When a hungry man finds out you're rich, what happens? You most likely get robbed. Deliberate actions are in keen volumes in this space, hunger prones crimes, that's why even the police are forced into a life of crime, no fair payment system that's what. The difference between two persons really doesn't matter, what matters more is their Similarities, what pulls them to the center of the earth as gravity determines the origin of all. The street Cop is most likely your rank in terms of pocket magnitude, it can't be referred to as a white collar job, I mean their uniforms are barely white. The government is not only unfair to her mere citizens, even the so called nation protectors are most times undervalued, just like my shitcoin bag, so lame deemed and limited to a cheap pay cheque of $50, that can't do shit for a family man. The cops are most times wicked to their supposed responsibilities because of wrecked finances while having a job, that's disheartening.

In this space there's so much to learn and earn, yesterday I managed to ask a friend who's ALWAYS been busy on a daily, dashing out of the house so early in the name of working, coming back so late at night, now guess the pay cheque for such stress and dedication? $32! It does seem tangible you think? Not really. I earn three times that amount in a month with the help of my crypto investments, that's even minus my all round activities such as blogging which pays even more. So all I basically do is sit around, eat, laugh, and then go about the internet leaving my footprints, only to dash back and grab a big bag home for valentine, that's cool, at least this year I know I'll eat enough on valentine rather than hanging till Christmas.

The World Needs Saving

Yes, everyone knows this by now, and as early adopters that we are, we are all doing our best to pull in every little crowd as possible. The police ain't solely to be blamed for their actions, the fuckin law makers they work for are. The target is the law and its makers, displacing them is a rather hard task, but refusing them till they quit is a goal fast achieved. Good Cop, Bad Cop, Friend or Foe, we are all humans, what we need is Change, and that begins with us, a Hello goes a long way.

Playing My Part To Attaining The Decentralized World

Thank you for going through yet another piece from this HE/SHE personality, got any contributions? An argument perhaps? Feel free to share via comments, thanks again.

Keep Soaring

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