Bear Market Won't Stop Decentralization From Happening

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Over the last few months, I have read hundreds of articles and watched hours of videos about crypto and blockchain technologies. The amount of information is huge, therefore, the more you learn, the broader your perspective becomes. It is also humbling to see so much new stuff coming out. Stuff that you will never be able to dive in because there is simply not enough time and one must use his time wisely to achieve the best results.

Fully researching every shiny project that pops up can lead to exhaustion and that's not what we want. Choose what fits you, keep improving yourself, and soon, you'll notice that the change does come from within.

Although I only remember a small percentage of the actual information from all the articles and videos, the narrative is clear - we are in a bull run. How long it will continue and what will happen after that? That's where opinions start to differ. Some say it will last until the end of the year with Bitcoin reaching more than $300K while others claim we will soon be at the top and it's time to start selling. I believe the truth is somewhere in the middle. I think we have at least a few months of fireworks so for now, it's a hodl mode for me.

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What happens after the bull-run? The bear market comes. When? Nobody knows for sure. We can only make predictions. If you're here for the long-term, you shouldn't worry because what matters the most is the global movement of decentralization. It is not going to stop with the bear market.

DeFi is not going away, HIVE and Leo are not going away and most of the projects that have real use cases will still be here to prepare ourselves for the next bull market. Yes, some profits must be taken because it will make you feel good but keeping a stack is always useful because we can never know how low it will go. Maybe you won't have a better opportunity to buy that asset anymore. Imagine if Bitcoin never went under $40K? Personally, I think it will but one can never know and therefore I will never sell all of my crypto.

The world will always keep changing. It's only a question for you - will you adapt to the new technology and use it to improve your life or will you keep ignoring it as you have been doing it for years? I'm here to stay! It's a long-term play for me.

Useful Info

If you haven't checked out, there is a vast number of Bitcoin charts to look at. I'm using the one in the image below to look for a point when I should be taking some profits. I'm planning to do that once we're in the red territory. The question is - will this cycle be more like the one in 2013 where there are two peaks or more like the previous one in 2018 where there is only one peak.

useful, isn't it?


Crypto is here to stay - that I am sure of! I don't know how long the bull market will continue and in the long-term, I don't care because even if we came here for the money, we stayed for the community and world-changing technology. Technology that allows us to get rid of banks and greedy corporations, remove the middle-man whose only job is to live of off us, and most importantly - empower millions of people all over the world.

We're changing the world one day at a time. At first, it was Bitcoin, then came Ethereum and other altcoins. There were lots of forks. There was Steem and now there is Hive. Then Leo was born and people started to turn into lions. Now there's also Cub and the upcoming Project Blank. The future is bright!

Thank you for reading and have a fantastic week ahead!

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Excellently written article. As long as the cryptocurrency has practical applications (hello # LEO #CUB #HIVE) It will exist regardless of the direction of the market.

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It takes more than a bear market to scare me. Now a spider--that's scary! A bear market I can just wait out. !BBH

Command accepted!

Like someone said, real work happens in a bear market!

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at the moment i don,t see a bear market they are creating FIAT money like crazy. This the the reason the markets are at a all time high at the moment. There are still good buying opportunities on the crypto market.

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Sorry, That selfvote comment section had exhausted my VP...


More info why you see this.

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No worries! It's still a lot!

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I love that Gif did you find it or make it?

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Thanks! Found it on Giphy.

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Decentralization is the future. How does anyone still question that?

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True! Many simply don't care.

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