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Knowledge is key. The more you learn, the more you know. The more you practice it, the better you get.

It is inevitable that you will fail but when it happens, you must keep going forward. Analyze your mistakes and try again with a different approach. Every great trader out there has been liquidated at least once if not dozens of times.

Coming into crypto is similar to learning how to walk. You fell multiple times before smoothly making it from point A to point B. The same goes when it comes to learning about blockchain technology and how it has the potential to completely change the world.

Before you started to walk on your own, you were being rolled around from a crib to the hands of your parents, so forth, and so on. Before learning how to eat with a fork, you were fed. If we compare it with crypto, I'll say it like this:

If before you had to rely on banks and corporations to manage your funds, you can now do it on your own. If before the only way to invest was in stocks where companies can double the amount as they wish, you can now have Bitcoin with a fixed supply and no central power.

Life-changing Opportunities All Around the Internet

You've probably seen all of these stories but I'll mention them once more:

  • The value of MEME airdrop surpasses $1,000,000
  • COPE airdrop is worth $8000 in less than a week
  • UNI airdrop reaches the value of more than $12,000
  • LEO airdrop is worth a fortune now

Even if you have missed all of these, it's important to remain focused because there will be new airdrops and opportunities. It's inevitable as the industry is getting bigger and more people are empowered by it. New projects, ideas, and movements are appearing almost every single day. The only way to stay updated is by reading a lot!

Another thing that's important is to have friends in crypto. More eyes can go through more material. When you share your findings with others, you'll get something back once your friends find a gem. If none of your real-life friends are into crypto, there are online communities, like LeoFinance, as a great example.

People are sharing their findings here on the platform. If you go through the explore section, you'll probably find a project you've never known about. Maybe it's something promising, right? Someone took time to write about it so there must be some value.

I found this one yesterday

I found a site called CoinMarkeCal where you can see a calendar with blockchain events. It's pretty useful for both - various initiatives, airdrops, and upcoming launches. As you probably know, all of these events have an impact on the price. How come I didn't know about this site before? Hmm..lions?


Another way to find info for me is Twitter

Yeah, Twitter is centralized as shit but for now, it is still the most used microblogging platform in the world. It's where you can both - find useful information and threads, and get exposure to your blog or project. The one thing I like about Twitter is cash-tags like the one you see in the screenshot. Just add a dollar sign ($) in front of any coin that you want to find tweets about and press search.


As you can see, I was looking up $CUB cash-tag and found the top tweet of the CUB audit from LeoFinance's official Twitter account. The second tweet is showing that CUBs have the same score as Binance and I think it's pretty cool.

Those who seek are often those who find

I'm spending a lot of time on the internet. Lately, it has been pretty rewarding, and more importantly - I enjoy it. And the best part - I can share it with you, guys, and receive crypto for doing what I like. Together we are rocking this place!

If you're in doubt watch this and meet us in VALHALLA!

It's Crypto Bitlord inspiring you to HOLD!

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Thank you so much @bagofincome. I constantly look for cool Airdrop opportunities. They have played a big role in my Crypto Journey. Will definitely check out CoinMarketCal. Who knows the next Airdrop you get would turn you into a millionaire. 🤞

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That's true, you never know it!

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I'm constantly looking for opportunities and one of the easiest ways to do so is through leofinance. I spend most of my time here reading and learning about cryptocurrency and other amazing projects. A few I have invested in. So I am grateful for this opportunity this space has given me. It has been life-changing

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I can fully agree! I went into RUNE just because of the LeoFinance community. Turned out really well! And it's only one of the many projects.

This place rocks!

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How didn't I know about CoinMarketCal? That's a pretty cool tool, thanks a lot boi, that's going to my shortcuts!

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Glad you found it useful! Peace!

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