How many of these blockchain projects are on your watchlist?

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Cryptocurrencies and blockchain technology are changing the world. It is as simple as that. If Bitcoin is becoming the digital gold, Ethereum is the digital gas. They both work together in synergy to bring the power back to the people. To transfer the wealth from corporations and blind consumers to those who are willing to learn and give something unique back to the community.

I, for example, am making written crypto content. I talk about projects that I'm involved with and also some promising future projects that are on my radar. Being able to discuss them with other users and crypto enthusiasts is something you can't buy in a shop. We are here for each other just like Ethereum is there for Bitcoin.

And then there are hundreds of different projects with real-life value. Projects that have changed lives and continue doing it on a daily basis. I added some of them to the featured image of this post. Below, I'll add some links for the curious people out there.

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Farming since day one and never felt better.

  • LeoFinance - where crypto content meets quality and big payouts - it's here.

I've been here for almost a year now and not only have I gained a lot of crypto, I've made connections, improved my skills, and grew an audience.

I'm using Torum together with Leo to get the most out of the content I'm producing. I'm also an ambassador on this rapidly-growing social network.*

  • Bitcoin - the granddad of crypto. The reason you will be rich.

Why didn't I buy it ten years ago?

  • Ethereum - the wunderkind of Bitcoin with a whole ecosystem underneath.

Despite the gas fees, I've made quite a bit in some Uniswap coins.

  • Niox - AI market maker that can help you have gains in a bear market.

Learned about them in the earndrop campaign where I received thousands of NIOX tokens. Still holding because they are going to be HUGE!

  • Hathor - a project that will multiply in its price in the months to come.

A blockchain with zero-fees, easy token creations, and all sorts of good stuff coming out this year.

  • Noise - a microblogging platform where users receive tips in Bitcoin Cash.

I'm making noises and earning crypto. Never felt better.

They forked from Justin's communism and went on their own. Rocketing hard and will go high! Leo is built on HIVE.

  • Binance Coin - a promising something token that fuels its own chain that is a copy of Ethereum network.

Although it's not an example of decentralization, BNB has made many people rich. Plus they have their own copy of the Ethereum network with really small fees.

  • Uniswap - the granddad of DeFi giving out millions of tokens to its early adopters.

If you held on to your UNI airdrop, you would now have more than $ 10,000!

  • RSR - fighting the hyperinflation to help people in third world countries.

With an app that's already used in countries like Venezuela, RSR will go hard!

  • GALA - an ecosystem of blockchain games. Run a node and earn their tokens. Play games and win their tokens. If you're a developer - build games on their platform.

They are soon releasing an action RPG game with nft items and stuff. I want to play.

  • SwissBorg - a simple app to buy some coins. Has a welcome lottery with a guaranteed Bitcoin win once you deposit at least 50 euros worth of either crypto or fiat.

You can use my ref link if you want because then I will get a lottery ticket too. Or read my short intro.

  • Thorchain - cross-chain liquidity, Chris Hemsworth, and other cool stuff. Can't wait to pool something once they release the Asgardex.

Went into RUNE because of the LEO community talking about it like it was the next big thing. Turned out great. Not only have I made nice gains, I'm also in some RUNE pools now.

  • - working with VISA and just released their own chain.

They've been here for a while and they are working hard to get into DeFi. Soon they will also release some NFT's of Snoop Dog, F1, and others.

  • Brave - browse the internet without giving away your data and earn BAT.

Using Brave for years. Not only am I avoiding ads and popups, I'm earning some crypto once in a while.

  • Travala - book a flight, a trip, or a vacation with AVA tokens and enjoy the post-covid world.

Haven't bought this one yet. Kind of hesitated when it was less than a $1 and now it's mooning!

  • MetaMask - the most popular browser wallet for Ethereum, BSC, Matic, and other networks.

Once you come into crypto, it's only a matter of time before you start using MetaMask.

This was a different post. Thank you for going through it and I hope you found something useful for yourself. Peace and productivity! Until the next time!

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I am dabbling in close to half of these. Not bad for an old woman.

That's actually pretty awesome! You can call yourself young!

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Fantastic list of cryptocurrency projects. I am involved in just a couple of them. Like the internet, blockchain will soon be mainstream. In some ways it already is mainstream.

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That is quite a list - mine is much shorter. BTC, ETH, HIVE, LEO - CUB - PRESearch, BAT, Theta, and ARRR (Pirate Chain). Looks like I have some more projects to research.

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Thanks! I'm using PRE myself too. Haven't heard about ARRR - going to check it out!

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Nice watchlist! In my list are Hive, Noise Cash, Binance, Minter, Brave & Obyte

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Thanks! Now I have to check out Minter and Obyte.

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Minter starts new version 12th of april with many cross-blockchain bridges (eth, binance chain e.t.c.)

Most of these but now I'm looking into a GALA node lol

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Should have bought last year. Would retire now. :D

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I say that for a lot of coins lol

This one is amazing man!

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I feel mediocre since I only support leofinance, hive, cub defi,

I really need to get more involved :/

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That's already really good!

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nice, interesting read!

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I appreciate it!

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i believe hive can $10

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Love this post, really interested :-)

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Glad to hear it!

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Yes, I love this community. There is so much informationen and there are so much experts :) glad do meet you ...
Greets from Vienna