How to Use Torum the Right Way - an Infographic

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''All this guy talks about is Torum!''
''Torum article..again!
''Another shiller!''

Yep, I can talk Torum all day if you want me to so be careful! Today, to change things up, I created an infographic using Canva Pro for all of the people who are not on the platform just yet. If you are already on Torum, I hope you're following me. Now, we can stop wasting time so you can go through the infographic yourself.

torum infographic.png
What do you think? Does it look good? I'm not a designer but Canva simplifies things!

As for Torum, here's my in-depth review if you haven't already read it. What I do there mostly is share my Leo articles and other posts that I think are useful for the crypto community. What it gets me? Rewards, readers, and followers! Slowly, trust is being built and more people are finding out that @bagofincome is legit and not just another scammer. You know, it's more difficult to build trust when you're anonymous and that's why I'm going step by step.

Torum is growing (Alexa Ranking)

If you look at Alexa ranking, you can clearly see that Torum is growing at a rapid pace. If 90 days ago Torum was in the 527,506th place in global internet traffic, right now it has climbed up to 207,650th place.


If we want to compare Torum with Leo on Alexa, we can see that Leo has grown more. 90 days ago both of these platforms were almost in the same place in the top.


Lefinance has grown more probably because Leo token has actual use right now and people can cash-out if they want. The second thing is, Torum is still in the beta phase and there's no mobile app available which results in fewer people joining up. Oh, and Leo had HIVE and Steem users so the growth is not a surprise, taking the fact that you can earn a lot of money here if you're consistent.


Soon, crypto will be a part of our everyday lives. Although many things could happen, it's always worth to take a shot and fill your bags of income. Right now it's pretty easy to earn XTM if you're real and have something on your mind to share with others. And - you can share your Leo articles there and earn more tokens for the work you have already done before. Isn't it nice?

Thank you for reading!

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how can I use this without giving them my data?

You can register without verifying your phone number, you just won't get those 75 XTM as an invite gift.

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how? It's requiring a phone number or it won't let me proceed

You can enter a false number as you probably already did! Nice to meet you there, and here!

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ha yeah :)