Providing Liquidity On RUNE/USDT Pool - Day 7

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It has now been a week since I added liquidity on Chaosnet. As you can see in the image, the pool has earned me more than $36 and the journey has only just begun. As I don't have a reason to withdraw these pool tokens, this journey will probably last for at least a few months (if not longer).


In the additional statistics menu, you can see that right now, I have lost more than 6 RUNE which I don't like but as long as I'm in profit, I'll be good. At the bottom, you can see the advantage of being LP (liquidity provider) vs HODL. It's 32.27% and, in my opinion, that's great!


Last but not least, on this chart, you can see the total worth of the pool starting from the 16th of January since I started this adventure. The dip that you see correlates with the most recent BTC/ETH dip after which RUNE started to rise higher in price.


I don't know what the future is for RUNE but from what I've read, even the most humble predictions are pretty darn impressive. Some are even saying that $30 per RUNE is possible. I guess, you never know anything, especially when it comes to dealing with crypto. All I know, taking chances can be really worthwhile!

Thank you for reading and following this journey!

Here's my guide on how to add liquidity on Chaosnet and become a liquidity provider.

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If Rune price increased dramatically, more Rune will be transfered to USDT, will have less profits than pure Rune holders.

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