The CUB Cycle

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I bought some CUB for $3 as soon as it came out. Immediately after that, I added liquidity and started farming moar CUB. The strategy was to add more liquidity to get more CUB and repeat this process day after day. At first, I swapped half of my earnings to either BNB or BUSD to get the necessary amount (50/50) and add more liquidity. Then after a little while, I felt bad for swapping my earned CUBs so I started selling my BSC shitcoins to avoid selling CUB.

Basically, I evolved to what you see in the image below. I'm farming CUB, harvesting them once a day and then I'm using profits from my other altcoins to get the other half for the liquidity pool. Remember how I told you that I often miss on taking profits from coins that are mooning? Well, now I don't. As soon as I see a coin pumping, I'm selling a percentage of these coins so I don't have to sell CUB.

1 (18).png
That's how I've been living.

I started to do this as soon as the CUB price fell down to less than $5 because I didn't feel like selling my CUB for less than that. As for some altcoins in my portfolio, they're not so valuable to me and it's time I started taking some profits.

Yes, sometimes I sell a pumping coin that keeps pumping even more but I've learned to keep a moonbag just in case. Taking profits feels good. It feels even better when you have a place where to put them. In my case, it's CUB finance which I'm very bullish on.

Today is actually a big day for CUB finance because it's another halvening. It means less CUB will be minted per block. At first, it was 3, now it's still 2 and today it will decrease to 1 CUB per block. In the long-term, I think it means that the CUB price will start to recover, and eventually, it will reach a new all-time high.

Another great addition that's coming is the LeoBridge that will allow users to transfer their assets from the Ethereum network to the Binance Smart Chain. It's a big thing, especially for users who can't or don't use Binance or other CEX that require KYC. Fees earned from the LeoBridge will be used to buy back and burn more CUB.

With less inflation and more burned CUB, we will definitely see some magic in the coming weeks. I'm sure that more farms will be added, and in fact, Splinterlands players can already farm CUB using their DEC tokens. As I heard that BAT is coming to BSC, for all I know, it may be next on the list.

Thank you for reading!

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CUB open the doors to defi for so many peoples. I have not harveat the CUB from DEN but now I feel I must do that at put yhe harvest in other good options to increase the profit.
Thanks for sharing

I'm with you on this. Added decent liquidity on day 1. Staked everything and compound my $cub daily.

I won't be selling any time soon and will try to stack as much as possible before the project gets more attention and $cub rises in price.

Glad to be on the same wave!

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That's a decent strategy. I've not that big a portfolio in BSC so I take a very static approach. What I get from farming CUB / BUSD, I send to the CUB den and that's it :-)

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That's a good approach!

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One question, is necessary to have a user in order to use this page with 0 fees to bridge?

Or this page is not accessible for everyone?

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I don't know. I've never used Binance Bridge.

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There is a link from cubfinance...