Torum raises $1.45M from 13 private investors and is working on a social DeFi/NFT project

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First of all, have an awesome week ahead! Keep on learning, reading, and earning precious cryptocurrencies. If you are still working in some other job to get fiat, grind hard, do your best every single day and you will be able to buy the dip. Who knows, maybe it will turn your life around!

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Today I wanted to update you on what is new on Torum. I hope you're not tired of me talking about another crypto social media platform. I think these two can work together very well. Imagine having a cross-farm with CUB's once Torum DeFi comes out! It's also easy to share your hive/leo/ctp and other articles on Torum by simply embedding them on your feed.

Anyway, today I'm sharing with you what Torum shared with us last week. They announced their 13 private investors. Here is the full announcement if you want to read it on your own. Personally, I had no idea that Torum has such investors, and once I found out about it, I was pleasantly surprised.

Here are some facts from the announcement so you don't have to read it yourself:

  • Torum raised $1.45M from 13 institutional investors
  • Private investors will initially get 15% of their XTM tokens, the other 85% will be unlocked during the 12 month vesting period
  • Torum has now reached more than 29 thousand members
  • In early May, Torum will have an NFT sale on Torum Finance

But have you checked the litepaper of Torum? It's shorter than the whitepaper and contains all the essential information about the platform

I recently saw that Torum has released its litepaper. It's for people like me who have a small attention span. Instead of reading a long whitepaper, you can go through the light version of it. I, personally, love it.


As you can see in the image that I took from the litepaper, Torum is planning to release Torum Finance platform on the BSC network. In addition to the DeFi project, there will also be an NFT marketplace. And from what I understand, we'll be able to stake our NFT's on Torum Finance. Sounds classy, right?

I also hope that as time goes by, we'll have a CUB/XTM farm on cubdefi and the opposite on Torum Finance. I can easily see it happening, I know you do too!

The Famous Alexa Ranking

Let's not forget about the Alexa ranking. After breaking into the top 50 thousand sites in the world, Torum has been getting steadier. In comparison, LeoFinance is now in 31,983rd place in the world.

It's understandable because, on Leo, you can earn crypto that you can spend. On Torum, the XTM tokens that we are earning are still not tradeable. The good news is - XTM is going to be listed on the market in the second quarter of this year!


Don't wait and join up if you haven't already

If you want to join Torum, press on the banner below and we'll both receive 35 XTM after your account gets verified. If you have been following me, you know that before, we'd receive 75 XTM but as more landers have joined, referral rewards have had their own sort of halvening.


Thank you for reading!

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Hey @bagofincome, I think I joined Torum already otherwise I would have used your link. I didn't care much of it but looks like I need to rethink a little bit. Many developments are happening on the platform and it's nice to hop the train as early as possible.

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