Can BNB still be an investment opportunity? Is BNB undervalued?

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Today I read a few articles about BNB being so undervalued and the opportunities that it has been giving us. The first and foremost reason why I like BNB is that the fees is not insane and are okay to some extent. Thought I would still prefer a blockchain like Hive that doesn't have any transaction fees at all, outside Hive, Binance Smart Chain is somewhat okay in comparison with Ethereum.



I have been observing the price of BNB ever since it was in cents. I was very curious to purchase BNB when they said that they are buying back BNB from the market with the trading fees they get on Binance. This was something that interested me so much. I had no idea about BNB and Binance Smart chain as well but this one point made me think that BNB is going to pump in the future.

BNB was 5$ when I took a closer look

This was the first time I started exploring BNB and I was even thinking about purchasing a little again. That was again a missed opportunity. I couldn't purchase at that point and I remember the price of BNB stayed there for a very long time. There was a slow growth happening but I couldn't get my hands there. If I had bought at least for 100$ by then, I would have had a huge chunk right now in my hand. Just take a look at the chart for this year alone. If we had purchased BNB for 5$ it would have been more than 100X right now.


I didn't want to share similar stories on other coins that is one of the reasons why I'm still bullish on CUB and DOT as well. I hope I made the purchase when the price is still affordable. The price of CUB hasn't raised so much yet but I guess that how it was when the Uniswap coin was also launched. People dumped a lot when there was an airdrop. We all know what happened after that and the rest is all in history. I'm glad that I was able to grab a few DOT when the price was really low.

Is BNB still an investment opportunity?

I believe that BNB is giving huge opportunities already. I'm not sure how Polkadot para chain capabilities are going to end up but right now BNB is very good at connecting multiple blockchains in one platform. People have the capabilities to create wrapped tokens on Binance smart chain and have their tokenomics all over it.

I still prefer Hive and Hive Engine when it comes to tokens. Especially for the fact that I can send the tokens to anyone without any fees involved. That is one good reason for it to be my favorite cryptocurrency. But BNB even though it was forked from ETH, it has reduced the transactional cost or the gas fees by so much and it is also highly affordable. At least for now people don't complain about the gas fees.



I'm able to see many people migrating their tokenomics to BSC and having everything on BSC. CUB tokens are also on BSC even though I would have still preferred having CUB tokens listed on Hive Engine as well and having an official bridge. They used the CUB token listing on Hive Engine only for doing an airdrop. It should have been possible to trade them on Hive Engine as well.

Considering all these aspects, I still think BNB is undervalued and it has been giving lots of opportunities already for the investors and in the coming years the price can shoot up far beyond the price of ETH.

Note: There is also a small problem with BNB where 80 percent of BNB tokens are held by Binance even though the blockchain is decentralized. This is one thing that hinders many people.

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I think BNB will continue to go up because of the TVL of BSC Defi projects going up. I saw a post earlier today and right now I think the current value is 57% of what is locked up in ETH. So money is definitely moving towards BSC.

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BNB at $5 was such a bargain. I believe we will never have that opportunity again. The bull market is not over yet, hence we still have room for the upside.

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I think it is very undervalued. The fact that people scream centralized is BS. Most chains can or are centralized in one way or another but we will get to fully decentralized places soon enough.

If ETH keeps going BNB is not stopping. If you think how yes the OG crypto people want full control and nothing else most like the fact that BNB is a one-stop chain and coin for the DeFi and CeFi they have to offer.

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Looks like binance coin is going back down to 400 area, not sure, that's what TA suggests from looking at your chart. Might take a long time.

Considering what CZ and Binance did to us over at steem stealing our votes in the past, Binance should be our enemy. Lucky I don't flag u for spreading that binance propaganda here. And binance material really annoys the hell outta me, especially to see it here, makes a traitor outta the people that continue to bash us with binance propaganda, thanks bro!! (not)

I agree LEO does stuff to compete against HIVE. Mostly because the LEO people probably sold a lot of their HIVE to LEO in the past, and have this attitude that Leo is the best. They totally kiss finance's ass, it is totally crazy, and stupid. They of course should have figured it all out with hive, but I don't think anyone at LEO wants to see HIVE go up. It's mind boggling how a they are trying to downgrade and migrate over to that Binance "dumb and centralized" chain lol!

Lol, it is funny to read your message. I agree with you. Today I was observing a conversation in one of the chat servers where people were complaining about how the LEO rewards are being shared and how a few people alone farm the reward pool every single day because of auto voting. Not just Leo but it happens with Hive as well. I think auto voting is a curse as well as a boon for this chain which we cannot help it.

Maybe after HF25 the voting pattern should be better. But there will still be auto votes and people farming the reward pool. No doubt about that. I'm still not a big fan of the curation reward system. It is still complicated for a normal person to understand.

I see the content discovery as one of the biggest problems here. That's why people hate doing manual curation. A good article goes missing in between so many shitty articles. That is one of the reasons why even well-written articles end up getting paid in cents. Hope things change in the future.

Yeah thanks for not taking it personally, I did see in your first paragraph that you did explain how you wished the smart chain and bridge were implemented on HIVE. I did like that part.

Go post all your binance propaganda over on steem. It gets annoying being on HIVE and constantly having to see BNB this BNB that, u get the drift?? I did give u a little flag.

Nobody over here that is anybody really cares about Binance chain, or CUB, or LEO for that matter. Ever Binance post on HIVE is like the author Kicking us while we're down, and then throwing dirt in our eye! eeeeeyee damp eeet!

I'm really sorry if I made you feel bad. I just shared my generic opinion on BNB. The fact that Binance helped in stealing the funds on Steem is not something that is acceptable at all. That is why I stick to Hive and no activity from me on Steem.

The fact that BNB is so centralized is also one of the reasons that made me stay away from it for a long time. I still think BNB is a bit risky considering the fact that Binance holds 80% of the BNB in circulation.

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