CoinGecko introduced a Portfolio tracking feature

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CoinGecko has been one of the best websites available on the internet to keep a track of the crypto price. Apart from price tracking, it also provides all the information we need to know about a project or a cryptocurrency.

I have been using Coingecko regularly for the last few months. In fact, I have it open always in one of my browser windows and I keep refreshing the page to check the current price of the top 10 coins there.

Recently I have been reading a lot about the first 10 coins on Coingecko and many people have suggested keeping a good portfolio of the first 10 coins based on the market cap. It is quite true. Many people think alike and the price of those coins usually pumps a lot.

Yesterday along with that option, I was also exploring how I can make use of CoinGecko to the fullest. I signed up and created an account to see if there are any additional features available. To my surprise, there was a Portfolio option available. I don't really know for how long this feature had been there but it just caught my eyes. I was actually about to code a portal to manage all my crypto assets and check their price every day. I'm glad that I found this.

I have used a similar thing for my share market holdings. There is this website called Money Control in India which provides a facility to add the stocks that I hold and track the price of each stock from just one place. The website also used to send me reports about how my stocks are performing along with some tips as well.


The portfolio option I see on CoinGecko is something similar. We can add the coins we have purchased by entering some basic details like the date of purchase, quantity, bought price, etc. If I enter those details and save, it provides me the total portfolio worth and how much profit I'm currently in.

I experimented with it by adding a few of my coins from the current portfolio to see how it is looking. The comparison it gives is really amazing. This can be one place solution to track all the cryptocurrencies that I have been holding. For long term Hodlers, this portfolio option can be a great thing as most of the coins are anyway listed on CoinGecko.

One thing that I was not comfortable about was to add my coins flexibly. For example, there are a few coins for which I don't know when I bought them and what was the price when I bought them. They are sleeping in my wallet for a very long time and I really want to keep a track of their price as well. I don't know how to add them to the list and track their price. I guess by exploring I might figure some solution to manage it better. But for people who do short term trading, I guess this can be a good option to keep a track of the price and book profits whenever it is appropriate.

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Bang, I did it again... I just rehived your post!
Week 40 of my contest just can now check the winners of the previous week!

This was actually really helpful. I've been seeing coingecko around a lot recently but never really understood it or looked into it much till now.

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