Let's make Elon Musk say the magic word "Hive"

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We have been hearing a lot about Elon Musk for the past few months. It is also believed that whenever he says anything about cryptocurrencies, there is a pump. A few days back he talked about Doge tokens and then we saw it pump just like that. Today again he talked about Doge and the token price pumped over 50%.

This made me feel that we have to somehow make him say the magic word Hive. We all know that Hive is a better coin compared to so many coins out there. Not just a blogging platform now but it has also been a great platform for other use cases that includes gaming as well. I don't know if Elon Musk is doing the pump and dump game but whenever he says anything about Doge, it pumps, and maybe he is also doing the pump and then people dump at a particular price.


I was wondering if we could somehow make him talk about Hive. Today most of the marketing happens only through this. Though I believe so much in the potential of Hive, I personally feel that the blockchain still needs lots of marketing for people to understand what Hive is capable of. It is not just a community or a place for investment, Hive is a platform on top of with DApps that can be created.

Hive Blockchain brings lots of advantages and has been a great use case for many dApps and applications. It is just that we need more people to understand how this all works and start using this blockchain for their activities.

With continuous development, Hive is also getting better day by day, and recently we also had a major improvement to the p2p side-chain Hive Engine that runs many dApps and tokens. It is possible to create our own NFT backed games and also tokens with the help of this second layer of Hive Engine.

Let us start doing some marketing about Hive to our friends and family members and if we have a good voice on Social media platforms, then let's do some campaigning so that it reaches the ears of people like Elon Musk. I would be very happy if he utters to magic word Hive in one of his tweets.

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I shilled him HIVE once in a while, but with no success yet.

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I guess it is going to need a big army approaching him to make him utter the magical word "Hive". Let's see when it happens. Until then lets keep trying. ;)

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Bang, I did it again... I just rehived your post!
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Hehehe Let's do it :P XD

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