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RE: Just found £188 ($250) down the side of the sofa

in LeoFinance4 months ago

Nice back-of-sofa find :)

Still got the Guardian subscription! I guess this may be a bit delicate then, but I've moved over to where I find that the narrative is vastly different from that of the mainstream....I'd certainly advise some more subscription saving here lol, but that's just my perspective on 'current events' and my conviction/observation that main-stream journalism has turned into a mouthpiece for corporate agendas of the Powers That Shouldn't Be.

Interesting to know the story behind Monsoon coffee. Perhaps @whiterosecoffee will implement Hive Pay when it's ready and we'll be able to buy coffee with our native token, that'd be really cool.


I agree with you about mainstream journalism and I have found that The Guardian, just like the rest, sensationalise and bring negativity and fear into reporting current affairs (and sometimes, they are just making it up). Thank you for the reminder about off-guardian, I'll have another look (I use this place, too).

I'm so pleased you responded like you did 🙂

Thanks for the link to ACG, have bookmarked it to explore. And....continuing this exchange, here's another one I'd wanted to put in the first comment but didn't wanna overload. Perhaps you know it already:

I tend not to read online. I don't enjoy it and I find I engage more critically when I'm reading a material newspaper (or book). It's one of the reasons why I went for a subscription. Plus the recipes 🙂.