Postage Stamp - Fauna 1957 - Dromedary (Camelus dromedarius) - Spanish Sahara 1957 - Michel Spanish Sahara 164 - my hobby

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Postage Stamp - Fauna 1957 - Dromedary (Camelus dromedarius) - Spanish Sahara 1957 - Michel Spanish Sahara 164 - my hobby.

Greetings friends!

Today, we will continue our journey across our planet in time and space.

This is possible thanks to the postage stamps that were issued in different countries and in different years.

When it comes to the colonial era, one gets the impression that it was a very long time ago, centuries ago.

But it is not so.

We know little about wars of conquest.

Even after the Second World War they continued.

People can forget, but postage stamps can remind them of the crimes they committed.

Today, I want to present to you a postage stamp that dates back to the period of the colonial wars, and this is 1957, not so long ago.

This postage stamp features camels against the backdrop of the Sahara Desert.

At that time, the territory part of the territories of Morocco and Mauritania were occupied by Spain.

It was in 1957 that the Moroccan Liberation Army tried to decolonize this territory of the Sahara, but the Spanish troops brutally suppressed the uprising.

Yes, more recently, blood was shed from the sand of the Sahara.

I don't know if crypto coins will ever have their own history, but the historical value of postage stamps is obvious.

Sometimes, it's an indictment, or a confession, lol.

And, these documents, like a decentralized blockchain, are distributed around the world among collectors of postage stamps.

Description of the postage stamp:

Type: Postage Stamp.
Country: Spanish Sahara.
Subject: #Fauna, #Mammals, #Camel, #Sahara, #Desert, #Spain, #Colony.
Series: Fauna 1957.
Name: Dromedary (Camelus dromedarius).
Denomination of a postage stamp: 5 Spanish céntimo.
Michel's Spanish Sahara catalog code: 164.
Episode release date: April 10, 1957.
Perforation: comb13.
Postage stamp size: 24.9 x 40.9 mm.
Printing technology: Offset lithography.
Circulation: 1,000,000.
Estimated price for a clean postage stamp: $ 0.25 - $ 0.61.
Estimated price for a canceled postage stamp: $ 0.17 - $ 0.24.
Photo: original from @barski collection.

Clean postage stamp:



  1. Please note that the cost of shipping postage stamps to other countries can be many times more expensive than the postage stamp itself, approximately $ 5.5.

  2. I see that it is not profitable to purchase one postage stamp if, suddenly, you need to replenish your collection. It is always more profitable to purchase the entire series, and, surplus, to change, or sell.

  3. If you decide to buy a postage stamp online, be careful. sometimes sellers use stock images. But this option is unacceptable. You need to see exactly the product that you are buying.

  4. If you are afraid that the postage stamp sellers will want to deceive you, you are doing the right thing, do not doubt it.

  5. To get started with this hobby, buy a good magnifying glass, tweezers with flat and thin edges and a stockbook for postage stamps, they will come in handy.

  6. When buying postage stamps, pay special attention to the back of the postage stamp. The adhesive layer must not be damaged.

  7. There is such an expression - How many people, so many opinions, this also applies to sellers of postage stamps. Each of them believes that his postage stamp is in perfect condition, but only you yourself can find the perfect postage stamp for yourself.

  8. Sometimes, a small, white scrap of paper with a round stamp on it and a number inscribed in the center circle can be a very valuable postage stamp from the days when postage stamps were not printed.

  9. The cost of a postage stamp is determined by supply and demand, but usually in catalogs you can see the estimated cost of a postage stamp in Pounds Sterling.

  10. In terms of quality, postage stamps can be divided into three groups: used postage stamps that were pasted on and removed from the envelope, canceled postage stamps that were canceled at the post office, by order and sent for sale, and clean, uncanceled postage stamps. As you can imagine, these three types of postage stamps, their conditions, greatly affect their value.

To be continued.

You can see the development of the story of my postage stamp collection on my Leofinance blog

I edited a photo in the program PhotoDirector, which I also installed on my smartphone.

Author @barski

For my publications, I do not use stock photographs, it is fundamentally important for me to use photographs that I have made with my own hands for publication and I can name them - authorial work.

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Это настоящий антиквариат 1957 год, и всего 20 центов. Как-то марки совсем не в цене.

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Эти цены, это работа насосов, которые появились до появления крипто-монет) Если цены будут высоки, те, кто регулируют процесс, не смогут скупить максимум по низкой цене. Они продают одну марку, но, покупают сотни. 20 центов, это гашёная марка, моя марка будет стоит в диапазоне 50-61 цент, с учетом насоса) Реальная цена, я думаю, около 60 фунтов стерлингов.

Ничего себе, вот это уже интересно. Все хочется спросить, но ни как не набирался смелости, как там с работой?

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Без изменений), но,доля оптимизма присутствует.

I love the history you attach to the stamps. You can really see the value in them through your posts.
Keep it up man.

Thank you very much!)