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RE: SPinvests weekly earnings and holdings reports #42

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Fewer Hive on post and such, still accounts grow, I was hoping to hit 8000 HP, and still may by the end of the month. I'll have to power up to do it, and if I did it today it would take most of my liquid Hive, so march 1st and pud I will be over 8000 HP, I simply can not believe that. I continue investing into some of the Mutual type funds, (SPI, LBI and a couple others), and am pretty happy with how the dividends are helping my account grow.


Gaming rewards have killed us this week, maybe something up with Dcity

Dcity is taxing heavily from what I've been reading elsewhere.

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Dcity taxes are at 100% I was getting like 7k sim/day now I’m getting like 1K/day at these rates. They are trying to raise the price buy reducing supply, but since hive price increased reducing with taxes is doing more harm in my opinion.

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