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RE: Happy 1 Year Anniversary! | Incoming Token Airdrop for LEO Stakeholders and Year-In Review

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You have certainly come a long way since launch. While I am not much into the crypto finance side of things I do appreciate having you guys around and a having a place I can post my progress status reports.

I also really like the HiveStats page. I do miss how I could see how many votes I cast and how many unique accounts I voted on, but I am sure that statistic is in the works, and I am a relatively patient person.

Once again congratulations, and even though I do not have 1000 leo any more if I ever did, it is nice to see you giving back to the community with this celebratory air drop.


Thanks @bashadow. Yeah that feature is on the list for a future Hivestats update. We've got a ton of features that we're developing now and in the future, so it will be exciting to see the community's reaction as we roll those out alongside our new interface and other projects 💪🏽

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