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RE: Introducing Leoshop | Buy & Sell Digital Products With LEO, STEEM and SBD!

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holy coco, this is extra-exciting! Im guessing I can sell music downloads here? Definitely going to be getting RIGHT on top of this one!


are we able to log in already? I tried putting my username in but nothing seemed to happen....

@basilmarples, yes you can. Do you have Steem Keychain installed?

Due to the design of the shop along with custom jsons needed to conduct the SE token transactions, we have Steem Keychain integration as the only means to login (Steemconnect may come in the future when SMTs are viable).

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ah ok. I'll have a look at it.... Ive never used keychain. Really excited about this project! Im going to try and get some audio up there asap. Well done for all the work you're putting in x

Absolutely! I even just added a category for music & audio products/services :)

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Ive just tried to upload something and to be honest...Im buzzing about it! This feels like a massive step forward for the blockchain. I hope it really takes off

...just a note (unless Im missing something) I noticed that if I want to link to the product in my steemit post I have to sign out because the URL is different when Im logged in. Would this be a problem? And if so, maybe products should come with a custom URL to copy out