BAT is an ERC20 token thus implies tremendous gas fees compared to the rewards

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Brave browser gives great incentives through BAT token for viewing ads in case you opt in for this. Thus you can have up to 6 ads per hour to view and get some decent BAT rewards during the day, week or month. After the month finishes you can withdraw your BAT tokens and one option for the wallet is Uphold.

After a month of using Brave browser and getting here and there BAT tokens, those were released into my Uphold account. All good so far and my BAT rewards got to my account without any issues.

Next action that I would usually do is to transfer the BAT tokens to an exchange where I can trade them as I please. From this point on the story takes a bad turn as the ERC20 gas fees are taking over. Sending my month BAT tokens (3.75 BAT) to another address (own or exchange) implies no less then 35 BAT which makes this transaction impossible. I couldn't believe that when I tried to withdraw the BAT tokens and it is just discouraging me of continuing this in the near future.

Probably I will still use the Brave browser, I will slowly gather some more BAT tokens but unfortunately I will not be able to trade them or transfer them in the near future. It is great to use the ETH network and what it offers, but the gas fees are a step back for any small user. Maybe this will be solved in the future with Ethereum 2.0 or somehow different but in an age of speed it is hard to have to wait due to big gas fees.

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