Building a city brick by brick – DCity Report 9-Sep-2020 (ROI +17.85 HIVE +11.16%) | Self sustainability

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I've always imagined building my own city and using mathematics for the streets and buildings in order to make it perfect. And while I will not have this opportunity in real life, I found my chance with Dcity. Thus I've decided to start a journey of building my dream city brick by brick and making the most of it. The economics are and probably will become more complex, so I will try to decipher and share some of them with you.

The investment in the city of the future was initially at 60 HIVE and with new funding poured into it is now 160 HIVE. While I will still invest from external sources (HIVE) and intend also to put at good use the revenue from the game (SIM and other tokens). No withdraw of the income will be performed until the economics are healthy enough to make it worth.

Here is the work that I've done in my city and the overall stats on it:

  • No new investments out of the DCity economy
  • New Forest bought from the SIM income generated by the businesses from the city and also by selling some Homeless
  • Clean air city with all the green forests, parks and entertainment by sport industry which makes this mountain city a great place to live for all its citizens
  • Further growth of the city will be done through its developing economies and no other external sources. This is the current plan, if something changes on the way all will be notified.

And an overall look of the city.

Stay tuned and keep on visiting my city.

Great things are about to happen!

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Excellent work so far! Here is a strategy I use to take advantage of the low prices of art galleries and parks.


The maximum number of homeless and immigrants show up at 500 popularity. This means you can see some great effects by adding some art galleries to your city. Not only will you increase your chance of backgrounds (yes, maybe a little silly), but you will increase the new citizens and produce more workers that can be employed in SIM-income producing jobs.

Great to see you enjoying this game!