Ethereum 2.0 - The base investment of 32 ETH gives $55,279 compound in 10 years

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Get your groove on and start on building and staking with Ethereum 2.0. The shift from Proof-of-Work (PoW) to Proof-of-Stake (PoS) consensus mechanism will challenge the Ethereum core values and the way the network was run for so long. At the same time this might represent a long waited evolution and one financial instrument to ensure steady if not “moon”like staking returns, complemented by network liquidity through lockups which might drive also the price higher.


A starting point to evaluate such a long term investment (as the ETH tokens could be locked for several years before being able to withdraw them) is the ETH 2 Calculator. What it does? It is simply calculating an expected return from staking Ether in the ETH 2 deposit contract. Using the minimum staking amount of 32 ETH and reporting all the values in relation to USD, let's see what annual interest is earned and the worth of it.


Based on the calculation performed we would get an annual interest earned on the stake of 14.09%. If we will use that to compound year after year and given the ETH price of $462.33 USD, the value of your original stake would be worth $16,879 after 1 year and $55,279 after 10 years. I would say pretty great numbers and investment that anyone with the funds could do at this point. And let's not forget that the price of Ethereum will also increase considering its limited supply and everything that is developed on the Ethereum blockchain.

I think this creates a great opportunity for anyone to shape a stable financial future. It is not a short term investment, you would need to put some time into it beside funds like a piece of hardware running the validator for the network. But I think that is small compared to the return that can provide for anyone and you can ensure a retirement income out of it. If you need more for your lifestyle you can stake more and the returns will reflect that.

And some FAQ from the same source that should be known to everyone that wants to invest.
"Question: Can I withdraw my stake?
Answer: Staking ETH is a one-way transaction meaning that deposits and rewards cannot be withdrawn or claimed. Staked Ether will become available in future phases of Ethereum 2.

Question: Will Ethereum 2.0 have a new ticker?
Answer: ETH and “ETH 2” are used to distinguish between the current version of Ethereum and the ongoing Ethereum 2.0 upgrade. Both versions of Ethereum will use the same Ethereum (ETH) token.
Staked ETH is a one-way transaction and cannot be redeemed until future phases of Ethereum 2.0. For this reason, it is possible that derivatives will be created to provide liquidity and these “ETH 2” tokens may indeed trade under a new ticker.

Question: When will ETH 2 launch?
Answer: The first phase of ETH 2 (Phase 0) is expected to launch in November 2020 following the successful operation of multi-client testnets. Future phases, (Phase 1 and Phase 2) may take 2 or more years to reach mainnet. Further release dates are not yet clearly defined."

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I had no idea staked ETH was semi-permanent like that. Whale games to be sure.

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Yes, it is a long term investment measured in years. Not only that but it has a unknown date for when the Ethereum 2.0 network will be running (even if you have staked way before your tokens) and all the implementations that allow making use of it and moving funds and economics. Having 2 more years estimated is not an easy thing, but might be very rewarding for those affording it.

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This looks promising. Thanks for sharing.

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Sharing is caring! :)

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