Grabbed some forgotten LEO tokens on Cryptex24 exchange at 0.09$

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With the wLEO launch things are getting pretty busy with trading LEO between different exchanges. This create arbitrage opportunities which in some cases might be due to the fact that some exchanges react faster to the price compared to others, but also because some sell orders might be left forgotten on the exchange without for the seller to check them again even if the price has moved up.


While not very known and with lower volume than expected, one exchange with both first and second layer blockchain tokens is The low volume didn't make me rich nor even closer, but I enjoyed this opportunity. As I had some left USDT on the exchange I was the only one doing trades and getting all 12 LEOs that would make sense at the given price.

Beside snapping those LEOs and finding this arbitrage opportunity, what I like about this and would be great if this would continue is if we would see LEO at multiple exchanges and not just on Hive-Engine and LeoDex. This would create competition, would bring more awareness and activity for the LEO tokens and the ecosystem build around it.

As a side note unfortunately for the moment has some issues with USDT deposits and withdrawals caused by a change done by TRON in their code without notifying all parties. Based on a correspondence on Telegram with "Andrew (cryptobrewmaster) Hopguru" which probably has a relation with this exchange: "Deposits and withdrawals TRX and USDT Tron are temporarily suspended. Our team is doing its best to resume normal work of our service."

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You're lucky then

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Lucky enough for 12 LEOs. Nevertheless the idea behind the post is to open the eyes to the community for other opportunities that might lay over there.

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I get it..

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