LEO Miners (LEOM) – Rushing joy after seeing the color of my first LEOs mined

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I have decided a few days ago in a fraction of a second to invest in LEOM (Leo Miners). Only had 150 HIVE in my wallet and bought 75 LEOM at that point. After researching a little bit more and getting some feedback from the community, having such a small investment would bring a small ROI which was disappointing for me at that point. In addition I have looked on my wallet transactions one or two days after staking the LEOM and didn't see any LEO mining. Thus I've thought that the probability to find LEO through mining was pretty low and wouldn't expect to see some shining coins soon.


Having forgotten for few days about that, I was looking today through the new release on the Leo Finance Beta and the nice features brought on top. I read about the wallet enhancements and started exploring it. Looking through the LEO transactions I was pleasant surprised to see some mining rewards, which brought back the joy and confidence of my investment.


So far the economics of my LEOM investment are like this:
Initial investment = 150 HIVE
Exchange transaction = 75 LEOM
Mined rewards = 2.12 LEO
LEO exchange: 1 LEO/0.75 HIVE
ROI (HIVE) = (2.12*0.75)/150 = 1.06%
Note: The ROI will get a boost once LEOM are depleted and their price will increase on the market as well if I decide to sell them.

Join the LEO mining, be a miner and find the precious LEO stones!

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How long did you need to get the 1,06% yield?

I've bought and staked the LEOM on 14-Sep-2020, so that would be 5 days until now. Not a spectacular ROI so far, there were 2 days out of 5 when my miners found some LEO, but I intend to invest some more.

Looking to the Mega LEO Miners and their price on the market my expectation is that once the supply will get depleted there will be additional ROI in case I decide to sell them.

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Nice. 1% in 5 days makes 73% per year!

I'm still wondering how I didn't know about LEOM and LEOMM until last week. Trying to catchup. Multiple ways of earning on the Leofinance ecosystem.

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Same for me as I found out by reading community posts. Still, there is a great concept behind it for the supporters of this community and their trust in the ecosystem and apps around.

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