LeoDex - LEO and LEOM are dominating the second layer tokens markets

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LeoDex can give a good insight to what happens on the second layer tokens markets and the dynamics on one project or another. And what is certain is that the LEO community lives great times, with encouragement signals for the better. It succeeded to build the trust that a community is build upon and now other investors or communities got involved in LEO financial instruments.


Analyzing on LeoDex the 24h volument for the listed tokens, we can see that LEO is leading the market with its Miners being in great search at the moment. Over 4,000$ in the last 24 interval for LEOM is pretty great, considering that the transactions are 99% BUY orders thus investments. At the same time LEO is preparing for the launch on Uniswap and has a solid infrastructure behind along with the right tools and applications to ensure further positive evolution and development. Over 1,500$ for LEO is quite good as it contains both BUY and SELL orders, but it can and will get better soon.

We are living good times and hope for better ones and the economics look healthy at the moment. The tokenization of the LEO ecosystem contains all the elements that are needed and all engines are working at full power. Let's not forget the use and source for them:

  • LEOMM - Mega LEO Miners - depleted long time ago, 4XLEOM power
  • LEOM - LEO Miners - Active selling miners, supply less than 50% and selling day by day
  • LEO - Tokens earned through posting on LEO Finance
  • wLEO - Wrapped LEO that will soon come on Uniswap with great Liquidity Pool incentives

Hope you are part of the LEO ecosystem and if you are not you still join and enrich your financial investments with some good opportunities. Great curators and a community that always looking to the future for both LEO and HIVE at the same time.

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In one of the recent LEO videocasts @khaleelkazi made an interesting point re. LEO miners which I'll summarise below:

  • LEOMMs are 4 x LEOM and are currently trading for 30-40 Hive on Hive Engine
  • LEOMs (currently 60k left) are being sold for 2 Hive on HE
  • Therefore, instead of paying above 8 Hive for 1 x LEOMM, it would be cheaper to buy 4 x LEOM for 8 Hive!

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Indeed, that makes sense from an investment point of view and at the moment. But I foresee once the LEOM supply is depleted their value to increase above a direct proportion of the current market offering (2 HIVE).

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Very much agree!