LeoDex - LEO Richlist needs to have a ranking markup

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I've started to use LeoDex for daily activities with my HIVE deposits and withdrawals or other second layer tokens operations. As I am using it more and more I find different features that are not present in LeoDex, but are present in other similar exchanges like Hive-Engine.


One feature that I would like to see in LeoDex is that in the LEO Richlist to have also a Ranking column. Based on the sorting that you are doing you should see the ranking you are on at that moment. Looking at the Richlist is motivating when you are progressing and getting up on the ladder. Not only that you gain more influence in the community, but just being in Top 10, Top 100, Top 200 or alike it just gives you recognition.


Ranking is like a Leaderboard in gaming and some of us feel proud on the place in the community by having the account name written and displayed there. I feel that this could be a good addition to the LeoDex and will provide easier information on that.

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Good suggestion, let see what we can do.

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That would be very helpful yes, would also be cool if it pulled through to your LEO profile or showed up in your wallet so you got that data immediately

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