LEOM are selling like bread and butter | Single 2,000$ transaction snapped a big part of the pie

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LEOM are selling like bread and butter as more investors are rushing in this great investment opportunity. The mining on LEO has never got such a rush before and with the announcement of wLEO but also within the context of other communities or groups wanting to invest, they all snapped in a big pie out of it. Just looking on the market a buy in of no less than 6039 LEOM summing 12078 HIVE which is more than 2,000$ shows the strong buy activity on this. I would assume The Man Cave went it and bought some more to increase their investment on this.


Looking on the LEOM rich list we can make a sense of whom are the big investors.


If there is a time for someone to invest in LEOM and get a piece of the pie, now would be the time for that. It is a passive investment, the miners will do the work for you and they will just release the found LEO in your wallet. And not only that but once the supply will be depleted, the price will rise similar to the LEOMM, it's bigger brother (x4 Mining power).

Good luck in your mining endeavors!

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@rollandthomas would not be happy with this.. his master plan was to buy the remaining wall ASAP!

Who knows what will happen next :)

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He still has time to take a piece from the supply, just to have the funds for that. Is great to see so many movement pieces of the LEO ecosystem heading in the right direction.

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Damn looks like I need to get in on the action before these bad boys rocket up in price

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The price is capped at 2 HIVE until the supply will get depleted. Once that happen is open market and the price will most surely rise as it did for the Mega Miners - LEOMM.

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ah thanks for that, so theres still time, I'll be stocking up on LEOM now

Thanks for the nudge to buy some more :-)

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When something is good is good and the time to buy is now as after wLEO launch and probably supply depleting in the near future, the miners price will rise as well.

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Yeah, that was my reasoning too. I moved up two spits in the list now :-)

Stop telling everyone !

I just have 80 at the moment (I know this is a shame !).

Farming on DeFi and planning a huge order sooooooon 😃 !

5 more than I have, so you are good :)

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