My LEO Mining Report from 22-September-2020

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There will be a time when people will say that they are coming from a cryptocurrency mining working-class background. And now we are paving the way for such history tales when we've started our journey to mine cryptocurrencies and one of them is LEO mining. Compared to other mining operations where you usually need to invest in a hardware rig and put the GPUs to mine blocks, decrypt them and get the magic tokens, LEO mining is at software level and mines based on a software algorithm. All you need to do is buy LEO Miners and stake them in order to get some return out of their work.


Here is a summary with my LEO mining investment, the current returns and also the expected yearly yield. I will continue buying miners as the supply is depleting day by day so at least to end up with a good share from the total.


Few key points about the LEO Miners:

  1. Income is provided from mining activities on a daily basis and an arrhythmical giving % chances to discover them. Based on the number of miners from the total pool you can increase your chances to retrieve LEO tokens.
  2. LEO Miners prices are usually increasing after the supply is depleted. A clear example in this sense is the Mega LEO Miner (4X LEO Miner), thus it could be added to the overall ROI if investment is to be taken out.
  3. Nobody knows what the future might held, we could get Airdrops for our Miners or other incentives. It might be wish thinking, but it is a stake and trust put in the LEO economy afterall.

All creation is a mine and every man is a miner.

Follow my mining journey and get inspired!

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