Pay your rent playing blockchain games

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Blockchain games are starting to make a name for themselves and we from the HIVE ecosystem tend to know this quite better. These are not only games, but some are truly investment opportunities as you hold assets in the game which in time gain value or ensure greater rewards.

Who doesn't like to play games? We all do and have our favorites and HIVE slowly starts to cover many types of games from different areas - fantasy, sports, beer lovers, city enthusiast and artists wanna be. While I didn't spread my wings too much out of the HIVE ecosystem, I stumbled upon one interview for a blockchain gamer which through his involvement and playing activities claims that he can pay his rent with the rewards from blockchain games. And knowing the potential I can say that is quite possible and you can make either passive income or even a strategy job or investment out of it.

Hope you like the video and find it inspiring as I did. I had some latent games which I didn't play for a long time and I think it is the time to maximize the rewards out of all of them. Work hard, play hard...but what if you could do both at the same time? That would be amazing and the blockchain gaming world gives us this opportunity.

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"Maybe in less than a year,I could quit my full-time job" is not a strong message if the guy is supposed to be on the top of the industry.
He does not seem confident saying that either.

Depends of his lifestyle and he won a tournament nevertheless. Still you need to increase your assets in blockchain games and I believe that takes time. While not the best confidence, I believe it is an example from the industry and can open the eyes to others about blockchain games potential.

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