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RE: New Month-to-Month Roadmap and Developer Updates

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Crazy roadmap and when I would have asked if Leo Finance has one some of the recipients considered that it was needed, that everything floats and so on. As other blockchain projects this roadmap shows how serious LEO Finance is about its path and builds trust around it as more and more people find about it and onboard. Seeing this stepped delivered (I would if you are using Agile Sprints to achieve the milestone) helps with transparency of what is going to be done and what the focus is upon. Truly something that I was considered needed and hopefully this will be continued with other plans!

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Thanks Behiver :)

Agile sprints is a great way of putting it. We can do long-term roadmaps with very broad ideas (as we did in the 2020 roadmap a few months back), but things change in crypto and on LeoFinance so rapidly that we need to adapt the short-term targets in real-time.

For instance, WLEO wasn't even officially on the roadmap. LeoInfra was also developed as needed while we created the Leo UI, etc... many of our projects are created in an agile sprint based on community feedback in real-time so these month-to-month roadmaps allow us to show everyone what's actually being built today rather than speculate on what we might do 6 months from now - which is likely to change.

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Everything from the account is official and set in concrete unless it changes, then it is unofficial and just a mirage.

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yeah im also looking forward to what @leofinance has stored for us in future
and I seeing leofinace is more effective then hive blogging

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