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My whole life is virtually bankrolled by my activities on Hive. However, prior to this purchase, I had never made a direct Hive payment for any physical item.

Unlike my banner, a digital entity at the bottom of the page that I paid for with Hive, I paid directly for this book is the first time I'm paying directly for a physical item.


Some facts

  • Mellexy: It is a word that was coined from fusing Mellow and sexy into one word.
  • It is a book of emotional poems that pierces through the heart.
  • The paper back costs $6, while the e copy costs $3 and you can verify iit on Amazon.
  • I paid 61Hive for the paperback and that includes transporting: The calculation was done through converting the fiat equivalent at the time, into Hive. Which means it will be cheaper in Hive by now.
  • Waybill price may vary due to your location but all that will be sorted between you and the seller
  • Transaction was P2P and smooth
  • The book got to me in roughly three days. However that was through a local courier, if you stay outside Nigeria it will take a bit longer and might have a little extra charge.

About the Author


The Author is Lanre Sonde with Hive username, @dante31 . He's an active member of the Hive community. He spends a lot of time scouring through different communities for curatable content for curie.

Fun fact


  • The lady on the cover image is another member of Hive community and is non-other than the beautiful @hiddenblade. She's an amazing artist and entrepreneur.
  • Hive also paid for the vodka

Grab a copy

If you will like to grab a copy of this beautiful book, you can contact @dante31 through any of his posts on Hive or you can reach him on his Twitter where he is also equally active.

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This is awesome to see. Friends supporting friends. I’m here for it :D

That's what's up. We have to stay winning together

Thanks for the purchase. That vodka looks good hehehe

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Has a nice kick to it as well

Lol just like a Russian when they catch you with their wives

Either three of the wives too. Selfish bastards

Oh? This is actually quite interesting. I may have to check it out.

Noice. You can hit him up anytime to get a copy. He delivers worldwide.

Enjoy your book. It's great to see your Hive in your hand :)

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Thanks Erika. You know what they say "A hive a day, keeps the poverty away".
Okay I just made it up but we should really be saying it :P

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We're not there yet, 1 hive/day won't make a difference in my life, maybe in other countries, but Hive is definitely appreciating now, so the more, the merrier, right?

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If you will like to grab a copy of this beautiful book, you can contact @dante31 through any of his posts on Hive or you can reach him.....

I thought, there was a online platform, where people can sell items and accept hive payments ? Could he not add the book there ?

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I think so but I don't know where it is. Please can you suggest it to me, so I can tell him?

to be honest I checked out to at least upload the ebook for sale but I am yet to manoeuvre it to make that possible. It is not so straight forward. A huge drag.

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what a lovely cover! i'm happy to see my friend on this cover...😘😉


Nice one. I should get an e-copy of Dante's book. Support our own.

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Good idea. You're in Lagos, the paper back feels nicer to hold Sha and won't be stressful to deliver to you.

I prefer the soft copy. I don't like hardcopy books anymore. I am protecting my environment 👀

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you can hit me up privately and I would transact on the ebook

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Sure. Next week Friday. It is a promise (remind me even).

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Haha, completely forgot to remind you 😅

Ah Chief! How many hive make I send for the book? Soft copy

that would be 14 Hive... DM your mail, so I'll send the ebook.

If I spread my butt cheeks for a centrefold in play girl magazine would you buy that too?

Stop teasing, just give me link and I'm liquidating all my crypto to pay for that.

Unfortunately I signed an exclusive deal for my nudes for the next year

God damn it. Would have tkenised your penis to form Non Fungible dicks.

LOL you mean Non-fuckable Dicks! Sounds like something we can sell on cryptopia

Once I start reading again I will for sure buy it. For now it's bull market and don't have too much time to read.

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I would appreciate that alot

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lol at first i thought you buy Vodka with the hive payment. I don't really an avid reader, because i tend to easily distracted. hahah have a good read mate

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Haha. I mean, technically,Hive paid for the vodka too 😄

That’s dope! Be careful with that mellexy style though, these ladies go crazy over them type of vibes...

Wow .... It's intresting
In India I don't know if we have similar service for which we can pay with hive... hope soon their will be ...
Thanks for sharing

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