Would you support this Hive marketing proposal?

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A couple of days ago, I talked about the potential of using keyword staking as an opportunity to market Hive. The concept of Keyword staking is that whenever people use Presearch to type a search prompt that involves the word or phrase you stake, your advert pops up.

Considering the number of words that exist, this means there is an infinite amount of words you could stake. However, every company has unique qualities that it tries to portray and this ensures that regardless of the endless number of words, there will be competition for certain words between different companies. Think of it like a tokenised model of SEO.

Social Media

One phrase that we can attribute to Hive is social media. This was naturally the first phrase that came to mind.


In this category, there were links from two companies with the one from Minds edging the Twetch link by a long shot.


Despite the bull season, PRE token hasn't actually moved much and at $0.07, 60k tokens staked translates to $4,200. That's not a bad sum to invest into a token that offers marketing potential and appreciable value in the long run.


This surprised me since there's no competition for this area for now. The word hasn't been staked at all, so there's an opportunity.

Earn Cryptocurrency


Yet another field with an opportunity to explore. Getting in around $80 worth of PRE tokens at the current price could have us running ads on PRE and having our page pop up

A proposal?

To be totally honest, I think it is worth the shot. I'm going to draft a proposal along this line. This will be the first proposal that will take out funds from the DHF but also doesn't actually spend the funds, since it will just be staked on another blockchain.

If it goes to shit, then we just wait for a good time to sell the PRE tokens and return it to the DHF. There might be some loss from friction but considering that Presearch is such a solid project, I think we might even be in the green if the worst-case scenario happens.

Best case scenario is that it works a peach and drives more traffic towards Hive. The PRE is staked in perpetuity, and depending on the results, potential competition from other stakers, we increase the number of PRE tokens staked and leave it there in perpetuity.

I mean, it isn't such a bad deal, when you think about it. Will you support a proposal of this nature? Please share your thoughts in the comment section

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φιλί μου μωρό μου

Interesting. I would support that. Would even pay out of my own pocket. I can't register with gmail on presearch though...

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Thanks man. Create any email and just run it. I think mine is linked to a Yahoo mail.

So if im correct all this only applies to Presearch users. Have any idea about their userbase? Its a nice form of advert model, itll be nice to run it out

I haven't gotten the stat. Will do some digging.
This model ensures that we don't actually lose any money and we can market using a blockchain product. So the chances are high that we're going to attract people familiar with crypto