You can't be late when you're early

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Every day I get contacted through social media and physically to talk about cryptocurrency.

People somehow think I'm some expert in cryptocurrencies and want my opinion about it.

I feel flattered most times and never forget to clarify that I'm just a noob who has been around for a while longer.

We're early

People enquiring about crypto, particularly the no coiners, often think there's some mystical or magical knowledge about it. They talk to me like they want me to share my "playbook" or something.

I wish I was that smart, maybe I'd have made more from the hand I was dealt. I'm not complaining though, because with all things considered, I've still earned a fair bit.

For any no coiner joining the ranks though, I always remind them of the fact that we're still early. I mean, other than Bitcoin that's like 12 years old, everything else is less than ten years.

It is still fundamentally a young market, ripe with numerous opportunities to invest in. I try to point people in what I consider to be the right direction and then let them pick their path.

It's a responsibility that falls on everyone that's reading this with some information to share. Bring in the people that you care about the most and point them in the right direction. What's the point of winning if you're not winning with your loved ones?

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I'll say people talk to me the same way. I see my bitches calling me a "Boss" when am so tiny in nature.

To be honest, I give the exact same advice. I'd never tell them what to invest in, rather I'll show them what I invest in, tell them why I do, show them how much am risking and what profits may follow or possibly losses, I let them know its a gamble but it's Definitely set out to work for anyone that plays smart. That's just how I go about lecturing others on this topic.

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Even after a year in crypto you can call yourself an expert.

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I agree with you getting or buying early cryptocurrency can have tremendous value after 1 or 2 years take dogecoin as an example

I'm salty about missing out on Doge. I could have gotten it when it was worth nothing.