End All Crypto agreement with the Bank

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Now a days cryptocurrency is all over the news are day by day many users are joining the platform and earning a good amount. from them. But not all are happy to see that all are earning 😁

The Reserve Bank of India has again warned the banks about cryptocurrency. The Reserve Bank of India has asked banks to re-review and terminate all types of agreements with cryptocurrency exchanges. The central bank has taken this decision in view of the sharp fluctuations and apprehensions in the cryptocurrency. Three sources related to the case gave information about it. However, the Supreme Court has allowed banks to work with cryptocurrency exchanges and traders.

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It is noteworthy that the Government of India is going to bring a 'law for banning cryptocurrency' as it is viewed with suspicion around the world. In the era of the Corona crisis, large amounts of cryptocurrency have been invested worldwide. However, there is confusion among investors as to when the bill to ban cryptocurrency will be passed in Parliament. Earlier, the Reserve Bank had directed banks to ban the accounts of cryptocurrency exchanges and their traders

Ten thousand crores investment In Crypto -:

Looking at the huge earnings from investing in cryptocurrencies across the world, there has been a huge boom in investment in India as well. The number of investors investing in cryptocurrencies in India has reached close to one crore. It is estimated that Ten thousand crore rupees ($ 1.36 billion) has been invested in various cryptocurrencies in India.

There are many news in the air most them are sure not the true but sometimes we see the changes as per the news in air as you can see the Doge coin example this is the best.
No one knows that truth else the Bill will be pass legally by the supreme court it will sure take time. Due to Covid most of the things are still pending.

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Bhai, Bas govt ek aacha sa faisalla le le.. Bahut ho gaya.

Ha bade bhai dekh kab aate hai acche khabar government se.

This is a blow to the whole Crypto world in India. Really a sad news. Government needs to be a little more liberal and open.
People should be allowed to the way they want to spend their money.
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The government want to take control of. Everything , they are currently earning a good money from the exchanges but they have been cooking something we will know after the panoramic is over

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RBI will try to ban it regularly because centralise system could be end but investor and exchange company will knock the Supreme court again. Finally decentralised will regulate once again from Supereme court.

Yes most the big share market investor consider crypto as a fake currency who knows what they will come with i hope they will launch there own digital currency and that would be great 😍⁦✌️⁩

Don't know...but problem is weather these Exchanges will stop having banking partners, it will make people like me suffer a lot and forced to explore things in another way.

If you have someone abroad, like I have my brother, I can send crypto to him tell him to convert to USD and send it to me in paypal. It's horrible, else P2P options can explore.

One thing sell off before the hype and tops, get profits and aram se stay, else it will be a big jangat in these exchanges you know.

I am not trusting wazirx because so many complaints that deposits and withdrawals are not processing, I opened account on https://www.giottus.com/ just in case.

There it has P2P trading where you can trade even if ban is there.

Its like Covid phase 2 Bhaiji, meaning we have the vaccine, know how to handle it , like the known covid customs we have to follow for safety.

Now in ban phase whatever, exchanges know how to work inspite the ban.

But I am trying for trading using DEXs, CEXs are not very nice, lot of issues and cause lot of crypto to crypto investor even Binance has frozen my crypto, my account despite KYC. If they do this when I have to sell something urgently, sucks.

Better to explore other options as far as possible. I have not suceeded in that, but I know some DEXs are sprouting like Orion Protocol and Thorchain...and maybe more, there are lots to learn and do in crypto brother.

We can't be naive now, we have to be smart too, else can't be a sucessful crypto trader.

And I yet have to make sucess through crypto trading, by booking big pro=fits and getting rich and all that... anyway. Will always try for that.