Bitcoin and Litecoin on Steroids! Literally on Steroids!

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Farming tokens on Ethereum seems to be the wave on Ethereum. I haven’t really done too much of the Défi stuff because fees are too high and I don’t know which ethereum tokens are worth holding either.

But I saw a new project that looks pretty interesting. Instead of using normal erc-20 tokens that aren’t as good to hodl, they’re using Bitcoin and Litecoin.

It’s really a wrapped version of BTC and LTC but to get the tokens on from the pNetwork I’d have to deposit actual BTC or LTC


Check out how it works:

But the cool part about putting Bitcoin on the pNetwork is that I can put that Bitcoin on steroids! And what’s better than anything on steroids?



They give you ptokens for holding pBtc and pLtc on steroids. The also allow you to eat more ptokens for providing liquidity as well.

But I just thought this was cool. Might be a good way to earn some erc-20 tokens with something most people are comfortable hodling anyways.

If you’d like to join the steroid era of crypto here’s the link:

But what do you all think? Is this worth spending time on? Is it a golden opportunity or is it a scam?

Let me know in the comments

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There is a lot of trash out there so have to be careful.

That is the risk in the open decentralized world. Anyone, regardless of intentions, can set up a project such as this.

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I do not think pTokens is a trash project.

They have a lot of cool integrations.

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Yeah I checked their website out and they have some cool stuff going on

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Yeah I’m with you. There’s a lot of researching that needs to be done before we go depositing tokens into random contracts just because it sounds cool.

I just like how they made it fun it fun by calling it steroids.

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Is it a golden opportunity or is it a scam?

Who knows? But I know one thing for sure: It is mainly a risk! Do you trust this company and give them your precious Bitcoins? I would never do this!

That is so true.

Yield farming has already shown itself to be full of scams.

Not worth the risk unless something is truly trustworthy which is hard to find.

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Yeah there’s some risk involved but hopefully the reward ends up being worth the risk involved!

I understand you though, those Bitcoins are in high demand right now, why risk it...

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