Ape Tools Brings a New Breath to the Crypto Money Industry

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The most important steps to be followed when investing in the crypto money industry are examining the graphics and researching the project. If a token is to be invested, those with a rising graph are preferred. However, today, unfortunately, accessing these graphs and charts involves some difficulties. In addition, the examination of graphs and charts is an environment that is open to deviations that require certain knowledge. Addressing this exact problem, Ape Tools brings an important innovation to the cryptocurrency industry. The main purpose of Ape Tool is to help you analyze the graphics of smart contracts that are difficult to find and thus to create a good price monitoring environment.

Ape products and services use various APIs. In this way, it closely monitors LP prices and last transactions and instantly transfers them to the user. The graphic of any token requested by the user can be reflected on the screens instantly thanks to Ape Tools. The project has its own token. Listed under the name of $ TAPE, the token provides many benefits within the system.

What is $ TAPE?

TAPE Token, produced by Ape Tools, was created with the BEP-20 standard on the Binance Smart Chain. Unlike all other tokens, it provides data analysis and investment control products, whose features increase according to membership or the amount of TAPE staked.

System users have the opportunity to earn passive income with $ TAPE. With Farming options, an income environment can be created outside of investments. In this way, the platform will be focused on winning, which supports its users in every sense.

Road Map

The system brings a new breath to the cryptocurrency market. It supports the shaping of the investments by presenting the hard-to-reach graphics to the users in a very short period of time. However, it provides certain opportunities for all users to take advantage of the $ TAPE benefits. Behind all this innovative approach, there is a team that wants to go further. The Ape Tools roadmap, which should be followed in 2021 to become the best, was shared.

Among the important features planned to be realized in the second quarter of the year are private sales and public sales activities. Along with these, there are goals of building a wider community by following an aggressive marketing strategy. Listing on Pancakeswap or ApeSwap; It is intended to enter the CoinMarketCap and CoinGecko lists. Another innovation planned for the second quarter is the release of Ape Tools v. Alpha version.

When the other half of the year begins, the plans will continue to operate in the same way. Ape Tools v.Beta version will meet with users for the 3rd quarter. Matching and pooling processes will be placed in the system. The dashboard, staking reward system and launching an application are among the features planned for the third quarter of 2021.

The platform, which will realize the year 2021 in the most efficient way, aims to bring the NFT audience to the users at the end of the year, apart from the graphic monitoring system of crypto currencies. By establishing a governance system, it will progress towards becoming a more comprehensive platform in the 4th quarter.

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