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RE: Don't buy the hype of STEEM airdrops - Think smart

in LeoFinance6 months ago

"Blurt team declaring things like blurt can compete with Bitcoin as store of value and could have the same are bigger marketcap."

Never said exactly this.

We were debating the theory of whether it would be possible or not for a social coin, if it were to achieve worldwide notoriety, such as Bitcoin, with robust decentralization, to maybe achieve Bitcoin parity.

This is crazy, I know.



Umm, my buddy SSUK may have gotten this slightly off the mark, but coming here to say that, and nothing else? I'd hope you had several paragraphs to lay out a grand scheme of things, and so far, I'm strongly against changing course just to wait for a hardfork that will not even come close to the success of HIVE. Just my 2 cents but as one of the top 2 HODLer's of SPI Tokens, our fellow investors do tend to look to us for at least our opinions. SSUK has been pretty much spot-on in every case, handling the HIVE HF, he has made us lots of money 🤑 It's a solid plan and I don't think I'd have changed a thing. So No Offense, this article is just an op-ed and if the community takes heed, we'll likely be all cashed out of Steemit before the Drop. Or darn near.

I wish you well, and in fact, I might have some personal funds left for the airdrop. I am in the midst of a power-down too, which could end this next week or shortly after. I have other interests and some are still on Steemit. "THE PLAN" is to settle between 500 and 1000 steem power, to remain a viable account on Steemit. I also have a huge account which is the flagship of INFOWARS, on both platforms.