First Dogecoin but now DogecoinCash?

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Yesterday a major company called Kronos ended up buying 600,000,000 DogecoinCASH. Yes there is in fact a cryptocurrency called DogecoinCash. Which ended up being a hard fork of dogecoin. The entire setup of the cryptocurrency is a little weird but has some unique interesting advantages.


What is DogecoinCash?

This is not to be confused with DogeCash which is a node type performed network.
They claim the coin is the same Doge but much less power usage. Dogecoin is a POW system in which mining power is used to mine dogecoin. DogeCash works off of nodes and only takes 5,000 staked dogecoin cash to start up your own. In other words just $350 in todays value to start up your own node.

DogeCoinCash works off of a Proof of Content system where content creators can earn Dogecoin cash by sharing links on the social platform Tipestry Yep another place you can start adding your LeoFinance links to! If you're already on there or join up drop me a comment and vote on my most recent post and I'll be sure to follow back those of you who are power LEOFinance users 💎

Join be over on Tipestry and drop me a comment letting me know you came from this article so I know to follow you!


Who is Kronos?

Kronos is an eco friendly air purifier that has accepted dogecoin as their form of payment for years. They actually have some legit top quality products and have revolutionized the way we filter air. The company is solid and some of their top end air filters are valued at $1,200. I think I paid $140 for mine!!! You can check out there site here if you wish >

There move to getting DogecoinCash was to take an active part in Dogecoincashes new DogeSPAC at a greater rate.



We all love DeFi right? In fact we love but did you know that DogecoinCash is also a DeFi? It exists on the Ethereum network as a ERC-20 token and also Binance smart chain as a BEP20 format.

It's only traded on decetralized platforms such as Uniswap and PancakeSwap. You can also stake your dogecoincash and earn on it via

*My attempt to make sense of all of this is the best I could do. Trust me dogecoin and all the variation spin offs and like names make the space rather confusing!


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So many forks on Crypto

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2017 was a CRAZYYYY time haven't seen many forks as of late.

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