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If you want to earn curation rewards (voting on others articles and earning LEO tokens for doing so) then you need more LEO!

While you can mine for LEO tokens via LEOM and LEOMM read more about that here in this article

You can also buy and trade your LEO tokens on which is operated by the fine folks here at - This exchange works off of HIVE cryptocurrency. If you don't have HIVE another way to pick up tokens is via UniSwap on the Ethereum network here


Using With HIVE

You can login to your account with the hive keychain we went over when you joined LeoFinance.
If you haven't done so already you can check out that article here > How To Join LeoFinance and Create your Hive Account


Once logged into your Leodex account you can deposit your unstaked HIVE coins. Do so by clicking on the deposit button in the top left seen here.

The system is going to pull your information into a popup. This popup will display how many HIVE coins you have currently unstaked. There is only a 0.25% fee which is the lowest of any HIVE exchanges currently.

Below that type in the amount of hive coins you want to deposit into your Leodex account. If you want them all deposited click on the number under Available Hive and click Deposit Hive.

After a few moments click on Wallet in the top menu. This is going to display to you all of your tokens including the new hive you just deposited as swap.hive


Now lets buy some LEO!

Click on Tokens in the top menu

In the Type symbol to Search type in LEO this will remove all other tokens and only display the leo token.

To the right you now have 3 button options

Clicking on the buttons will do certain things let's go over them...

  1. Will take you to the token information page. This will display all details about this token.
  2. The token market where you will click to trade your HIVE into LEO
  3. Rich list - simply displays all accounts and how many tokens they have

Click on the second (middle) button and go to the exchange.

From here you will see a graph displaying price over time. Under that is your buy or sell options. In this case we want to buy LEO.

You can either input the price you are willing to buy the LEO for and wait to see if someone sells you it. Or you can buy LEO right then by clicking on the top Sell orders ask number then type in how many you want and click the green buy button.

  1. Clicking on the top ask price allows me to buy LEO right now at the best selling price currently
  2. Enter in the amount of LEO I want to buy at this price
  3. My total amount of HIVE cost is displayed here.
    Review everything and click the green buy button.

You just bought your first LEO tokens! Now let's stake them to get bandwidth on the network which allows us to post, comment and do other things on the network for free. These staked tokens are also used for curation if I vote on others articles and it gets voted by others I earn some LEO in exchange for voting up good quality article.


Staking Your Newly Bought LEO Tokens

Click Wallet in the top menu and find your new LEO tokens. On this page you have a number of options so let's go over each including how to stake them first.


To stake your token click on #3 the one that looks like a closed lock. On the pop up click on your available LEO or type in the amount and click on the yellow Stake LEO. That's it! You now staked your first LEO tokens!!

  1. Send - This allows you to send LEO to another LeoFinance account
  2. Token Market - Takes you back to the page to buy and sell LEO
  3. Stake Token
  4. Unstake Token
  5. Delegate Token - we wont go over this here but delegation allows you to take your unstaked LEO tokens and delegate them to another account.
  6. Token History - This shows you your own history of tokens
  7. Token Richlist - Displays everyone's token values from richest to poorest


Buying From UniSwap

We wont go over details in this article as only large accounts would use Uniswap with Ethereum. I feel if you have Ethereum you already know what this is all about and to avoid confusion I'll be leaving it out. You can trade Ethereum into WLEO which is a LEO token as well at

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